Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

My 365...

I will call this photo of the day "Ooops, epic fail!"

I was letting the dogs out this morning and noticed that I still had a Christmas stocking hanging over the fireplace.  How in the heck I did not notice it up to now, speaks volumes of how preoccupied I have been.  Silly me.  :)

I had a great day yesterday on my anniversary.  Jack made some delicious baked chicken and the boys and he and I had a nice dinner together.  Thank you Jack.  He ordered me a new bike for my anniversary so that we can enjoy our rides down the green belt once the cold weather lets up.  It will be great fun I am sure. 

There were some negative vibes yesterday as well, but it turns out they were not such a bad thing.  It made me realize that some things are beyond my scope of responsibility and repair, and it is really okay to exhale and release.  So I did.  The sun seems to be shining brighter today, and I feel hundreds of pounds lighter.  High five God, life is good!

It does not matter who you are, or how much I love you, you will have to keep your failures and hopelessness to yourself.  I love life too much to share it with you.  Your sadness, your burden.  When you are ready to surface from the deep hole you have dug yourself into, I will be here.  :)

"My birthday wish for myself today is fresh air and lots of it!  Remembering to inhale after I exhale so I do not pass out and let negativity and hopelessness enter my world."

Until next time...remember to breathe!

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