Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011

My 365...

Welcome February.  :)

It is such a beautiful day today.  The sun is shining bright, the breeze is cold and the current temperature at 3:00 in the afternoon...28 degrees f.  Wow, you do not realize how cold it is until you go outside for a few minutes, but I love it!

I could not sleep at all last night with so many things racing through my mind, and I came to the realization that I am so passionate about everything in my life that it is exhausting.  But it is not a bad exhausting.  Sure my mind is always going at mach speed, but when I consider the alternative, which would be living life as it comes with a "ho hum" attitude, give me my mach speed!

I am such a positive person.  I know how to make lemon into lemon aid, and my glass is never half empty...it is always half full.  I am so thankful God made me this way.  So thank you God, You rock.  :)

My photo of the day...solar power.  Blake found these cute solar lights at the dollar store and he has placed them on the gate, in the back yard, and a few inside along the wall between the kitchen and the den.  They do not give off much light, but they are so charming...just like he is.

And here is God's solar light...

"My birthday wish for myself today is more passion, if that is even possible!"

Until next time...

Music I am listening to today.


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