Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

My 365...

The boys were up at the crack of dawn, and completed their lessons early so they could enjoy a free afternoon with mama.  We had great plans, unfortunately they were up so early they are now sleeping soundly.  It is so quiet in the house...just the pups and I and two snoring boys.  We had such a full weekend and very little sleep, so I am letting them catch up on rest.

Casey's current English lesson is "The Diary of Anne Frank", and we are enjoying reading the story together.  One of my favorite aspects of Home Schooling is that I have the opportunity to learn everything all over again.  That may seem horrible to most people, but I love it.  Especially literature and writing, two of my favorite subjects.  Well those and history.  Casey is a history buff, and now I know he gets that  When it comes to history, my son is very knowledgeable.  He impresses me every day with how much he knows not only about history, but current events as well.  I think he would make an amazing history professor.  Actually, I think he will be an amazing "anything he decides to pursue!"

Blake's favorite subject is P.E., which does not surprise me at all.  School is so boring for him!  If he had to pick one subject which he enjoys, it would be science, or more specifically biology.  Reading, writing, math and history....forget about it!  He will do the lessons because he realizes he has no choice in the matter!  What amazes me about Blake is that it appears he is not listening at all when I am reviewing the subjects with him and I can get so frustrated with him.  But then when it is time to test him, he knows it all.  I must be doing something right.  No, he is the one getting it right, I am just along for the ride!  Such a stinker that little one of mine.

My new bike should be here on Thursday and I am so excited!  We were hoping for earlier this week since I am on vacation, but Thursday will be fine.  The greatest thing about working and schooling from home is that I can schedule everything however I would like to.  There is no "9 - 5", or Monday through Friday grind.  Our schedule is wide open.  The only thing I would change is adding more extra curricular activities for the boys, and we are going to work on that this spring. 

Happy Valentine's Day world!  I hope you are spending a perfect day with the ones you love.  I did a little Google search on Saint Valentine and found it interesting that he is not only the Patron Saint of love, but bookkeepers, fainting, epilepsy and the plague as well.  Who knew?  lol

Have a wonderful Valentine's day everyone.  How can you not love a day reserved for celebrating your love?  Sure, that should be a daily thing, but if a ground hog gets a should love.  :)

Music I am listening to today.

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