Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good-Bye August!

Another amazing month!  I am so very thankful for my beautiful family, and all the awesome memories we created together.  We are so blessed.

Thank you God.  :)

Not too much biking this month, with a total of 52.33 miles.  High temperatures, and horrible air quality due to all the fires, kept us indoors much of the month.  *sad*

I am pretty confident we will make up for it in September.  Biking in Autumn is my most favorite thing!

Welcome September.  We are very excited for cooler temperatures, more biking adventures, and Autumn!


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,

August 31, 2013

My 365...

My alarm went off at 6:00am so that Blake and I could ride our bikes to the park and see the balloon launch. I woke him up and the negotiations commenced.

"We could always go tomorrow mama?"

"True, then what do we do today?"

"Chill, play some Minecraft, have a movie night?"

"Okay, how about lasagna, cucumber salad and garlic bread for dinner, cheese cake for desert.  Then balloons in the morning?"

"Yep, balloons in the morning."

There now, that was easy.  :)

Hope you have enjoyed a nice relaxing day planet.  We sure have.

Blake did some chilling with his Dozer too. 

***Doggy Daily***

Music I am listening to today...The Afters , Lift Me Up

Random Link of the Day...Pecan Sour Cream Biscuits

The Daily V...


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,
Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30. 2013

My 365...

Ahhhh, spelling words review with Blake in the morning.  Just add some pancakes, and Earl Grey tea, and you have the perfect start to the day.  After Blake was off to school, I enjoyed some Chai Tea and conversation with my Casey.

Tonight I was thinking of going to the Night Glow at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.  My choice was balloons, or spending the evening with Amber and the babies.  Guess which one I picked?  Well duh, Amber and the babies.  I love spending time with Amber and the babies. :)

Blake and I will be up at the crack of dawn to ride our bikes to the park in the morning to watch the hot air balloons launch, then maybe out for some breakfast.

Have an awesome weekend planet!

My darling grandchildren...
  ...and uncle Blake.

Blake wearing Cooper's cool 8-bit Minecraft sun glasses.
Sweet baby Penny.  :)

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Music I am listening to requested by Casey...Incubus, Drive

Random Link of the Day...Ultimate Chicken Fingers

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,
Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

My 365...

My alarm goes off at 7:30am.  Time to wake Blake up and help him get ready for the day.  I don't have to, as he is perfectly capable of readying himself...he is 12 years old after all.  He does pretend though.  Pretend that it is okay that mama is fussing over him.  He is a sweet kid that way.

We review any homework he has, share a banana and a glass of orange juice.  "Mom, I get breakfast at school.  You don't need to get me breakfast."  "I know son, just want to be sure you are fully awake before you take off on your bike."

We go over my ground rules, do our secret handshake, and he rides off on his bike to school.  What?  You don't have a secret handshake with your child?  Dude, that is a "cool mom" requirement don't ya know.  :) Ours is a fish.  Oh yeah, mama be cool.
Then I sit.  Waiting.  How lame am I?  Sure I have lots of things to do.  Two pending client projects and tons of paperwork I need to get caught up on...but I just sit, and stare at the clock all day.  I even logged into the online home school to check my email.  Of course my inbox is empty.  *pout*

My alarm goes off at 3:45pm...Yay!  School is out!  Then the phone rings, it is Blake.

"Mom, I am going to stop by the community center garden and pick some banana peppers for you, I will be home soon."

"Okay son."

He brought some home yesterday, and they were so delicious!  But home "soon?"  How soon is soon?

Then I realize something.  I need to chill out!  Poor kid, I don't want to smother him.  Yes, he is my baby, the last child to leave the nest so to speak, but he will always be my baby.

It will be easier for me when Summer is over.  I will be able to get out, ride my bike, take the dogs for a walk, take lots of pictures and start pampering myself a bit.  That will make it all better, right?

When Blake got home, I was so excited to see him!  

"What did you learn in school today Blake?"

"Uhmmmm, ladybugs are carnivores."

"Dude no way!  That is so exciting!"

(Overzealous much?)

"Really mom?  Exciting?  I think you need to get out more."

Garrett is so awesome.  He came up to my room this evening, and asked Blake how school was.  Then he told him...

"Home straight after school, do your homework and keep your pants on your butt.  You don't want me to ground you."  

LOL.  He is such an awesome big brother.  :)

Hope you had a stupendous day planet.  Just one more day until the weekend is here!

This is what a very bored camera looks like.  Poor camera.
"Mama, I come bearing gifts..."
"Now, can we talk about my grounding for tomorrow?"

***Doggy Daily***
Dozer is missing Blake too.
 "Where oh where is my boy?"
 "He is home! He is home!  Oh Blake, I have missed you so."
 "I missed you too buddy."

Music I am listening to today...Switchfoot , Dare You To Move

Random Link of the Day...Brownies

The Daily V...


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

My 365...

My days are so quiet now.  Not that I am complaining or anything...well, maybe I am complaining a little bit.  It is nice to start the day early, 7:30AM, and enjoy some breakfast with Blake before he leaves for school.  After he is gone, the house is so quiet, you can hear a pin drop.  I will get used to this, and it will be awesome...eventually.  As long as Blake is happy, that is all that matters to me.

I made myself a long "To-Do" list before I went to bed last night of everything I needed to accompish today. I am happy to report that I did just that...every single item on my list is checked!

I also got a call from the maxillofacial surgeon that will be doing Casey's jaw surgery.  He will be going in on October 4th for a planning appointment, then we will be scheduling his surgery for December. Thinking back, I was 19 when I had the same surgery done.  It was also December, between the fall and spring semester of college.  I had my lower jaw broken, and moved back to correct an under bite, then had my jaws wired closed for weeks.  Casey's surgery will be far more complicated as they need to move the lower jaw back and the upper jaw forward.  It will be one heck of a surgical procedure, but I am confident in his surgeon.  Casey will do great.  I am SO amazed at how perfectly aligned all of his teeth are.  Between the palate expander, and his braces, they have done an amazing job.  He is so handsome.  :)

Blake had a good day at school today as well...however...he was 2 and a half hours late getting home after school.  "What?"  Yep..."Dude, you are grounded."  Well you see, his new friend had a flat tire so he had to help him after school..then...then.....  "Uh-huh."  He will learn.  Might be the hard way, but he will learn.  Silly Bake.

The The Spirit of Boise is this week. That really snuck up on me.  We will definitely be attending the Night Glow on Friday, and the main launches on Saturday and Sunday morning.  This is my favorite event of the year.  Watching the hot air balloons being set up, and watching them take flight is amazing. I am so excited!!

That is all for today, hope you have a great evening planet.  :)

I set up a new study corner for Blake.  Notice his computer is not on the desk?  I don't want him to have any distractions while he is working on his homework.  Yes I know, I am still the home school teacher.  Although tonight Blake told me...

"Mom. chill, you are no longer my teacher."

"Dude, I will ALWAYS be your teacher!"

***Doggy Daily***
Miss Lilly claimed her spot under Blake's desk.

"I am the teacher's pet mama.  Get it?  Teacher's pet?  Hahahaha, I slay me."

Music I am listening to today...Yiruma, River Flows in You.

Random Link of the Day..Eggplant Burgers

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

My 365...

Day one of school down!  Blake had an awesome day.  He likes his teacher, met some old friends, and made some new ones.  School got out early today, so he called me after school to ask if he could hang out with his new friends at the community center that is attached to the school.  It was his first day, so I said yes.

When he got home at 4:00pm, I wanted to know all about his day.  He went on and on about all the fun stuff.  Basketball, Foosball, skating.  "Dude, I am glad you had fun and all, but school is about more than just friends, basketball, Foosball and skating."

I laid down some ground rules, and he does not like them at all...

"No after school fun on Monday through Thursday until you have established your study habits, and I am sure that you are doing well in all your subjects."


"You have to earn fun time on Friday evenings.  Which means that you have to keep up with all your homework for the week before you get permission to chill with friends on Fridays."


"And finally, no going home with your new friends if I have not had a chance to meet them, know where they live, and meet their parents."

"MOM!!!  You are ruining my life!"

"I love you too son."

Not even a teenager, and already a drama queen.  I was really strict with Meagan and Garrett, slacked off a little with Brandon, and even more with Casey and Blake.  Mama is back into her strict old self.  Very, VERY, strict.  I am the mama and the daddy around here, so I have to be.  Rawrrrrrr.

He does have some homework to do tonight.  Athough, I am more excited about the homework than he is.  "Oh yay you have homework!"  I am not ready to give up my teaching position.  I won't go without a fight!  lol :)

Casey was up early, because he wanted to offer to ride with Blake to school.  Then again this afternoon, he wanted to ride up to school to accompany his little brother home.  This made my heart happy.  Blake insisted on going alone this morning, so I made him call me as soon as he got there.  He did not seem to mind seeing Casey after school though.  Casey and Blake fight like cats and dogs, but they love each other.  Casey really cares about his little brother even though he tells me that Blake drives him crazy 90 percent of the time.  I have the best sons.

Everyone checked in to see how Blake's first day went.  Garrett, Kori, Amber and even my nephew all the way from Texas.  Blake is the youngest of our family, and we are all working together to get him through this thing called life.  It takes a village to raise a child, and I have a pretty amazing village.

Hope your day was a good one planet.  Have a great tomorrow.

Telling me all about his first day of school.  
 "Blake!  You are home!  Let me tell you all about my day..."
 "Mama let me out this morning to go take care of my personal business..."
 "I felt like I was being watched...."
 "There was a squirrel Blake!  He was up on the fence teasing me like he always does.  So I....uhmmm Blake?"

 "Mama is Blake okay?"
"Yes Miss Lilly, he is fine."
***Doggy Daily***
"Shhhhh, my boy is sleeping."

Music I am listening to today...Aidan Hawken, If Something's Wrong

Random Link of the Day...Potato Pancakes with Poached Eggs

The Daily V...


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,

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