Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013

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I woke up feeling a little off today.  Maybe I was missing Casey, he has been gone all weekend.  I felt the need to get out and get some fresh air and clear my brain.  There is no better cure for that than riding my bike, so Blake and I are taking a early evening ride, then stopping off somewhere for dinner.

Amber and the children will be spending the evening here too, and that always cheers me up.  I truly enjoy their company.

I will posts pictures when we get home from our fabulous ride!  Hope your Sunday has been awesome.  :)

**Update**  Here are the pictures from my ride with Blake this afternoon.  We enjoyed the West Greenbelt trails along the river.  I love that path, but it is a rougher ride as only a small portion is paved.  It is worth the bumpy ride though because it is beautiful!

 We paused for a burger.  It was too hot for me to eat much, but Blake enjoyed his.
 A dip in the river to cool off.

Precious princess Penny was here when we got home!
 Total ride 17.59 miles.

***Doggy Daily***
"I am missing Casey too mama."

Music I am listening to today...Alicia Keys , If I Ain't Got You

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