Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

My 365...

Day one of school down!  Blake had an awesome day.  He likes his teacher, met some old friends, and made some new ones.  School got out early today, so he called me after school to ask if he could hang out with his new friends at the community center that is attached to the school.  It was his first day, so I said yes.

When he got home at 4:00pm, I wanted to know all about his day.  He went on and on about all the fun stuff.  Basketball, Foosball, skating.  "Dude, I am glad you had fun and all, but school is about more than just friends, basketball, Foosball and skating."

I laid down some ground rules, and he does not like them at all...

"No after school fun on Monday through Thursday until you have established your study habits, and I am sure that you are doing well in all your subjects."


"You have to earn fun time on Friday evenings.  Which means that you have to keep up with all your homework for the week before you get permission to chill with friends on Fridays."


"And finally, no going home with your new friends if I have not had a chance to meet them, know where they live, and meet their parents."

"MOM!!!  You are ruining my life!"

"I love you too son."

Not even a teenager, and already a drama queen.  I was really strict with Meagan and Garrett, slacked off a little with Brandon, and even more with Casey and Blake.  Mama is back into her strict old self.  Very, VERY, strict.  I am the mama and the daddy around here, so I have to be.  Rawrrrrrr.

He does have some homework to do tonight.  Athough, I am more excited about the homework than he is.  "Oh yay you have homework!"  I am not ready to give up my teaching position.  I won't go without a fight!  lol :)

Casey was up early, because he wanted to offer to ride with Blake to school.  Then again this afternoon, he wanted to ride up to school to accompany his little brother home.  This made my heart happy.  Blake insisted on going alone this morning, so I made him call me as soon as he got there.  He did not seem to mind seeing Casey after school though.  Casey and Blake fight like cats and dogs, but they love each other.  Casey really cares about his little brother even though he tells me that Blake drives him crazy 90 percent of the time.  I have the best sons.

Everyone checked in to see how Blake's first day went.  Garrett, Kori, Amber and even my nephew all the way from Texas.  Blake is the youngest of our family, and we are all working together to get him through this thing called life.  It takes a village to raise a child, and I have a pretty amazing village.

Hope your day was a good one planet.  Have a great tomorrow.

Telling me all about his first day of school.  
 "Blake!  You are home!  Let me tell you all about my day..."
 "Mama let me out this morning to go take care of my personal business..."
 "I felt like I was being watched...."
 "There was a squirrel Blake!  He was up on the fence teasing me like he always does.  So I....uhmmm Blake?"

 "Mama is Blake okay?"
"Yes Miss Lilly, he is fine."
***Doggy Daily***
"Shhhhh, my boy is sleeping."

Music I am listening to today...Aidan Hawken, If Something's Wrong

Random Link of the Day...Potato Pancakes with Poached Eggs

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