Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

My 365...

It was 12 years ago today that my life, our life, changed forever.  At the ripe young age of 40, the good Lord saw fit to bless me with another amazing, loving, remarkable son.  Today is Blake's birthday.

"Happy Birthday my darling Blake!!!!"

When the clock struck midnight last night, my plan was to begin a week long celebration of the awesomeness that is Blake.  Because let me tell you what world...this son of mine is pretty freaking amazing. Unfortunately, things got off to a rocky start.  The one person that should be a constant in our life, and certainly a constant light in the life of my children, once again proved how insignificant, miserable, and unimportant he is. But not to worry. He will never succeed in disrupting our lives, and honestly, does not even deserve mention.  For you see, when the going gets tough...I have four young men in my life who charge in and save the day...every single time

Blake has a mother, me, who loves Blake more than life itself.  Blake has three brothers, Garrett, Brandon and Case, who are three of the strongest, wisest, most loving, selfless, and powerful men he will ever know...and they adore their little brother.  They will walk through fire, fight an army, squash anything or anyone who tries to hurt their baby brother because they love him with every ounce of their being.  They love him with a fierceness that is unequaled by any force on this planet.  And Blake has two amazing sisters, Garrett's girlfriend Kori, and Brandon's wife Amber, who love and protect Blake as if he were their own little brother. Kori and Amber are remarkable corner stones of our family, and I love and appreciate them more than they will ever know.  Blake also has his nephew Cooper and niece Penny who love and adore their uncle Blake, and he adores them as well.

So what do you give the kid who has everything?  You give him MORE of everything.  More love, more nurturing, more guidance, more reassurance, and you let him know that no matter what life brings, he has three brothers, two sisters, a nephew, a niece and a mom who thinks he hung the moon.

"My darling Blake, we LOVE you honey.  And we are so thankful to have been blessed by having you in our lives."

Brandon stopped by on his way to work this evening to drop off his brand new "super computer", and set it up for Blake to play some awesome games on.  Amber dropped off all the ingredients for Blake to enjoy a delicious dinner tonight, and she is coming over tomorrow to bake a cake and fix dinner for Blake.  "Thank you Amber!!!"  Then Thursday morning when Brandon gets off work at 5:00 AM, he is going to pick Blake up and take him home to Nampa to spend a day and night with Amber and the children.  Blake LOVES being with them.  This weekend Garrett and Kori will be taking us on an exciting adventure to the lake...Blake's favorite thing.  Although I will say that every day with Blake, Garrett, Brandon, Case, Kori, Amber and the children is a celebration.

I am in awe of my family.  Life is good.  :)
Happy Birthday my darling Blake!
 Make a wish!
 My awesome sons.

 "Don't worry little brother, we've got you always!"

 Garrett, Brandon, Kori, Casey and Blake.  :)
Amber and the children will be here tomorrow, so I will definitely be taking a picture of them with Blake as well.  :)
***Doggy Daily***

Happy Birthday to Blake from his best canine friends.  

Music I am listening to today...Blake's all time favorite song!  Imagine Dragons , Radioactive

The Daily V...
Yes planet there is!  And in my case, I am thankful for Garrett, Kori, Brandon, Amber, Casey, Blake, Cooper and Penny.  The most amazing, wonderfully AWESOME family that ever existed. 


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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