Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

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Hello lazy, hazy, smokey Monday.  Blake and I did not do much today.  I am a little sad that we can't have more fun this last week before school starts, but thanks to the fires and horrid air quality, we are stuck inside.

He did try to take a bike ride this evening, but came home with a sore throat and burning eyes.  You know kids these days, it is not enough to "tell" them something is bad for them, they have to figure it out all for themselves.  "Hey Blake, there is a lot of smoke in the air.  Probably best to stay inside."

We did have a nice surprise tonight, Amber and the children are here.  Someone said some very unkind words about her breastfeeding, so she came here to stay with us instead.  I will NEVER understand the ignorance of some people.  There is NOTHING more beautiful, natural and nurturing than breastfeeding.  I am so proud of her for giving her baby the best possible start in life by breastfeeding.  Anyone who does not believe that, needs a serious check with reality.  There are no words...  I have provided you with some helpful links below in my "Random Link of the Day."  Do yourself a favor...get educated.  :)

I am happy to have Amber and the babies here.  She is free to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.  I have three young men who live here who do not have a problem with it at all because they are intelligent, mature, men...who were all breastfed as babies...just saying. Rock on breastfeeding moms everywhere!  *love*

Have a great evening everyone.  :)

Big kisses from uncle Blake.  :)

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