Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013

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Hello Saturday!

And now...the news from yesterday.  Our home sits right smack dab in the middle of three different school boundaries.  When I decided to let Blake go back to public school, there was only ONE school that I would even consider, so it is there where I registered him.  What I did not know at the time, was that even with open boundary registration, you have to apply and be accepted to an out of boundary school.  Oops.

When the school called to tell me this, I was so worried that Blake would not be accepted because the classes were already full.  I went ahead and applied, then said a lot of prayers.  I got the call yesterday morning first thing that he was accepted.  YAY!!!!  We are so happy about that.  Thank you God!

In other good news from yesterday...Garrett is all registered and ready to go for fall semester at BSU.  Kori is as well, and this is her last semester!!  She was also accepted for an internship with the juvenile court system, and got a part time job with her gym as well.  Everything that they wanted...happened.  I love good news.  :)

For Amber and Brandon, the good news is that Brandon has secured a carpool on his 10 hour shift days.  Now Amber can stay at home with the children, and they can try to have a normal schedule.  Having to be in Boise until 5:00am three days a week was so hard on Amber and the children.  Having to work that late is hard on Brandon, but at least now he can relax a bit knowing that his little family is resting comfortably at home.  The good news for me is that I still get to enjoy Amber and the children on Fridays and Sundays, which are Brandon's 5 hour shift days.  I am so happy about that!  I love being with Amber and the children.  They are my joys.  :)

So this leaves my Casey.  He is done with high school, and is in that in-between space trying to decide what to do next.  His dream is military service, but there are some roadblocks with that path due to Casey's medical history.  His big brother Garrett and I are encouraging him to go to college, which he is starting to lean towards.  He is also really desperate to start working, but the jobs in Boise are very hard to come by.  I am hoping that once all the college students get back to school next week, there will be more jobs available.  Either way, he is going to take the next few months to get a plan in place.  Which is probably the right plan because he still needs to get through his major jaw surgery.  I am so proud of my Casey.  Despite all his medical issues, he is one of the strongest young men I know.  No matter which path he chooses, he will be amazing.  "I love you Casey!"

I love all of my babies.  They are my "Fabulous two!"  My four sons, Garrett, Brandon, Casey and Blake, and of course my girls...Kori and Amber, and the babies...Cooper and Penny...I adore them, and am so thankful to have them in my life.  *love*

Hope your weekend has been amazing thus far!  Our plan for the evening is back-to-school shopping.  I wanted to wait until really...really...late so that I don't have to deal with the crowds.  Garrett has offered to take Blake and I to Walmart after midnight.  I love those midnight Walmart runs with my boys, we have so much fun.
Junk food!  Blake decided on Jack-in-the-Box for dinner, so big brother Garrett was awesome, and brought him some.
Mama says "yuck!", however Blake says "yummmmmm!"
I really, REALLY hate fast food.  However, if you twist my arm...I could eat this...

***Doggy Daily***
"Hey mama?"

"Yes Miss Lilly?"

"Just where do I fit into that "Fabulous 6 + 2" of yours?

"Oh sorry Miss Lilly, I will change that to "Fabulous 6 + 2 + 5", is that better?"

"FIVE?  Why five?"

"Dozer, Miss Lilly, Ducati, Supra and Stella, that is 5"


Oh Miss Lilly...there is just no pleasing a diva.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Kari Kimmel , Dreamer

Random Link of the Day...Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

The Daily V...


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