Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013

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Hello Wednesday, is it Autumn yet?  Please let it be Autumn soon.  I am so over summer already.

I have completed all of Blake's registration paperwork for public school, and have only to fax it in.  Have I done that yet you ask?  No. Why?  Because I am secretly hoping Blake will change his mind.  As you can see here....

...that is not going to happen.  lol :)

I am excited about him starting school next week, really I am.  But I would be lying if I said I had no worries. I have overheard the 12 - 13 year old "children" talking in this area, and it scares me to death! They don't dress like 12 - 13 year old children.  They don't act like 12 - 13 year old children.  Ugh!  I know I raised Blake right, and everything will be okay.  He also has three big brothers that will make sure he stays on the correct path, but it still scares me.  Children these days are doing and trying too many adult things at an entirely too young age.  It makes me really, really, really sad for them.

I just have to keep telling myself..."It will be okay Veronica, it will be okay."

Hope you had a great day everyone!
This is a delicious, fluffy stack of buttermilk pancakes...
And this is a pancake goblin...

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