Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

My 365...

Bad dreams are bad.  : (

Every now and then I have a very random dream in which I still live at home with mom, dad and my sisters.  Something dreadful always occurs, and I wake feeling completely exhausted and sad.  I hate those dreams.  Sad memories are just that, memories.  Times past, times that can not be relived or altered in any way.  They can't hurt you unless you allow them to.  My problem is that I am very introspective, and I feel the need to analyze them or wonder if my parents are trying to tell me something from the great beyond?  I am sure I will spend most of this day wondering.  *sigh*

On a lighter note it is Friday!  I thought today was to be the last day of my vacation, but I have learned in an email that Monday is a company holiday as well and I do not have to work.  "Happy Birthday George Washington!"  What a great surprise that was!  I still have four more days to relax.  Yay!  I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this week, however I am happy to report that the only two things on the list that I managed to complete were to relax, and have fun.  Everything else can wait until I am back in the swing of things.  "Just being" was the priority of the week, and that went very well. 

If the weather holds out this weekend, I may get to take my new bike for a ride.  The boys are really looking forward to biking adventures, and so am I!  I wish there was a way we could take the dogs with us.  Perhaps a pull along trailer and I can put all three of them in it.  That would be a funny sight!  

Aside from some serious dream analogy, today promises to be a relaxing day.  The boys and I do not do school on Fridays so they can enjoy a three day weekend.  That is their reward for working hard during the week.  It is a great incentive for them.

My random photo of the day... was having a sale on cell phone covers.  I paid less than $4 each for these.  Now to decide which one to use?  I will probably go with the cream colored one as it matches my new bike.  Ahhh, if only life was always this easy.  Here is hoping that the most difficult decision I have to make over the next four days is which phone cover to pick?  Fabulous!  :)
It is 10:30 a.m., and I have not even paused for coffee or breakfast, so I am off.  Have a magical weekend!

Music I am listening to today, Jack Johnson and Michael Buble...both amazing artists!

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