Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013

My 365...

The fog of cold is lifting!  No, not really, but if I say it is...then it will right?  Silly fog-o-cold.  The weather is warming up though, our high today was in the upper 60's.  Wow!  Unfortunately, it was an otherwise gloomy day.  Now if the climate, the sun, and my immune system could work as a team, I will be back on my bike in no time!

I was watching the news last night regarding the election of the new Catholic Pope.  They used words like "humility", "kind", "gentle", "calm", and I thought to myself, these are all good things.  He does have a very kind face.  My prayers are that he inspires some much needed "tolerance", "acceptance" and "change."  Come on Papa Francis, you can do it.  <3

Hope your Thursday has gone well.  :)

Enjoying some warmer weather today.

For dinner I made some Italian herb chicken, fresh salad and home made macaroni and cheese.  I am not a fan of Mac-N-Cheese, but Casey had his braces adjusted this morning and his mouth is very sore today.  He needed something soft.
For desert I am cooking up some rice-pudding.

***Doggy Daily***
"Release me at once human!"
 "Can't do that Miss Lilly, you will just rush over there and try to eat Princess Yoshi."
 "Resistance is futile "Pocket Lint", I WILL eat you, and the kingdom shall be mine once again!"

***Yoshi Cam!***
"Who you calling Pocket Lint?"
 "Let me at her...let me at her.  That fuzz covered coat hanger does not stand a chance against me!"
 "Now, now Princess Yoshi, we must all learn to get along."
 "Get outta my way...the Diva started it, and Princess Yoshi will finish it!"

Music I am listening to today...George Michael , Papa was a Rollin' Stone

Random Link of the Day...Food Gawker

The Daily V...


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