Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013

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Most families are blessed with a mom and a dad who make the rules, pave the road, set the course for the best possible life for their children.  It is a beautiful balance of female and male influence and guidance.  Children need this.  They need love, understanding, nurturing, inspiration and warmth from mom.  They need rules, leadership, focus, direction, warrior spirit from dad.

But here is the thing planet, not all families have that luxury.  There are many many many fatherless children.  Either by tragedy, luck of the draw, divorce, or simply by weak genetic makeup they end up with a father who may be present physically, however completely unplugged emotionally, spiritually, other words, he really sucks at this gig called fatherhood.

This results in a mom who has to do it all...and do it damn well.  A mom who can be soft, loving, nurturing, sweet, fun, adoring and freaking amazing....while she is trying to balance all the mom things with the dad things that by nature, she should not have to worry about because she mated with a strong amazing man...right?  Right?  Hello?  Bueller?  Beuller?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Sons need a father to look up to.  A father to model themselves after.  A father who invokes a healthy level of fear while creating a nice dose of inspiration in them.  Fear of breaking the rules, fear of crossing the line, fear of not being the best, strongest most awesome person they can be.

Here they have mom.  There is no fiercer creature than a mom who has to be both.  Let me tell you what planet, I can be a really scary bear.  Cross this mama, and you are going to walk away licking your wounds...heart racing and thinking to yourself.  "OMG mama is mad!"  But you are also going to know that as soon as you have had a moment to compose yourself, get your self together, and bandage your injuries, you can crawl right back into the loving arms of this big scary mama bear knowing that there is no warmer, safer, more loving spot on the planet then right here in her extreme mama hug.  This mama loves you like that.  This mama will throw herself in front of an 18 wheeler for you.  However, this mama will also kick your ass so hard if you screw it up...but will kick your ass with love.  She has your back...always.

There are days that this mama bear would love to reserve all my energy for the snuggles, the cuddles, the giggles and the love...but that is not my reality.  I have to be big bad bitch mama bear sometimes to keep my boys in order.  I do it well.  I will do it until the day I die.  They deserve no less of me.  Why?  Because I love them. "Rawrrrrrrr!"

Hope your Saturday was a good one. :)

Blake and Dozer and I decided to take a walking adventure today rather than a bike riding adventure.  My balance is still a bit off due to the cold I have been fighting for days now, so I thought best to keep both feet firmly planted on Terra Firma.  I really enjoy walking Dozer.  He is getting too old to take on long bike rides, so walking it was...and walking we did.    

I packed a picnic lunch, leashed up old puppers Dozer and we enjoyed a nice long 7 mile walk to Cascade Lake on the Boise River.  

The sky was a weird shade of gray, but it was nice and cool out.

 Mama walking Dozer, or Dozer walking mama?

 Air time!

 Ham and spinach on wheat with tortilla chips, craisins and Sprite.  The perfect picnic.

Sharing my sandwich with Dozer. 

 Just a mile from home, the sky started to look like rain.  But we made it!
It was a good day to be a mama bear.  :)
The End.
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