Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013

My 365...

I am always telling the boys to accentuate the positive in life.  Sure, there is all that "stuff" that gets us down, but you only have to shine the light on the good "stuff", and life automatically seems better.

I have to remind myself to do the same.  This afternoon I was watching my husband get ready for work.  While he was doing this, he paused to fix the leak on the shower head, take the garbage out, straighten up the garage.  Who does that?  His mind is always looking for something to fix, repair, adjust.  The man is "Tim the Tool Man" in real life.

The other day I was ranting about the difficulty in being a single "emotional" parent.  When it comes to the emotional development of my children, it has always been 100 percent me.  My beloved husband of 28 years does not go that deep.  He just doesn't, and it drives me nuts.  I would love nothing more than to see him sit down with the boys and be a strong, positive role model for them.  Give them advice about love, life, honor...you know, the important stuff.  I have to accept that it is not going to happen. His brain simply doesn't go there.  But what I can say about him with absolute certainty, is that if we were to be stranded on a desert island, or trying to survive a post apocalyptic world of zombies, Jack would be our guy.

He is the hunter, gatherer, mechanic, Mr. Fix It of the family.  He would be able to build a shelter, gather supplies and keep us safe.  While I would be putting band aids on all the emotional break downs we would be dealing with, Jack would be crafting weapons, gathering resources and taking care of business.  He has the stamina of a 12 year old.  He is like the Energizer bunny...he keeps going, and going and going.....

As much as this man drives me insane, and falls short in some areas of our life, I know that I would always have a roof over my head, a meal on my plate, fresh water to drink, and some pretty kick-ass zombie traps around the perimeter of our base.  We would be safe.

This is a good thing planet.  :)

"Jack...honey...love of my life who drives me insane and makes me want to pull the hair out of my head one single gray strand at a time...thank you.  Thank you for all the other things you do for us...and do very well."

Happy Tuesday planet!

 My "Tool Man", Jack.  :)

"Blake, that does not look like school work."

"Just checking up on the family, make sure everyone is doing well."
"Now what are you doing?"

"It is The Secret."

"Looks like a sports car to me kiddo."

"No, you told me if I visualize what I want in life, it will be mine...right mom?"


"I am visualizing my Subaru Impreza STi...my dream car.  It will be mine some day!"

"Awesome dude...now how about visualizing your science unit for the day?"

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