Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2, 2013

My 365...

So much for the beautiful day the weatherman promised.  Fibs all fibs.  The temperature was in the upper 50's for the first time this Spring, but the sun was seriously missing.  Not a great day for biking at all.  It worked out for the best anyway, because I am over two weeks overdue for an Enbrel injection.  I skipped it for the last few weeks because of my cold, so today ended up being a good day for Enbrel and rest. 

Last night was a bit stressful anyway.  Blake gets really upset when I spend any time on the phone.  There are a few people who call me regularly, and we end up talking for over an hour.  Blake hates that!  Last night he was particularly crabby, so it ended up in a huge argument.  We went to bed mad at each other. 

Today we are spending some much needed mommy and Blake time. No phone calls, no arguments, just nice calm "ohmmmm..."   :-)

Hope your Saturday was restful planet.  <3
No amazing photography today, just a glimpse of my world.

Enbrel and reading day.  Nice, peaceful and relaxing.
 Blake's idea of snacking.  This is why he insists on helping daddy with the grocery
 My idea of snacking.  Healthy right?  *wink*

***Doggy Daily***
Even Miss Lilly thought today was a good day for chilling.

 ***Yoshi Cam!***
Princess Yoshi likes cheese puffs.

Music I am listening to today...Ben Folds , Golden Slumbers

Random Link of the Day...So Cool!

The Daily V...


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