Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26, 2013

My 365...

The house was way too quiet last night.  Princess Yoshi was on her hamster wheel every night, and she made a heck of a racket running round and round and round.  It drove me crazy at first, but we soon got used to it.  Now that she is gone, it is entirely too quiet at night.  We miss the sounds of her spinning wheel.

It seems strange that we are this upset over a little bitty hamster, but we are.  Blake and I played with her daily, so today felt like something was missing.  Sure, we could adopt another hamster, but neither of us wants to.  Princess Yoshi was special, and she can not be replaced.  I put her cage and all the hamster supplies away in the garage.

Blake and Garrett worked so hard to try to revive her, and I really thought it might work there for a bit.  I still wish I knew what happened?  Poor little bug, I hope she did not suffer.  I am glad I took time to do a "Yoshi Cam" daily of her.  We will always have those fun pictures to look back on and enjoy.  :)

Blake and I were very touched by all the sweet messages and emails we received from family, friends and strangers.  They told us that seeing Princess Yoshi's daily pic always brightened their day.  That made Blake and I very happy to hear.  Thank you all.   <3

Happy Tuesday planet.  Hope your day was a good one.

Blake saying hello to Princess Yoshi.  :)
Still feeling a wee bit sad.
 Miss Lilly cheered him up though.  She is good at that.
Tonight I was craving banana bread, but we did not have any bananas on hand.  We did have a bag of strawberries though.  So I followed the recipe for the banana bread and substituted some nice sweet strawberries.

I present...strawberry bread.  Yes, that is a pat of Grade-A pure butter on top.  Don't judge me...lol

***Doggy Daily***
Best buddies.  <3

Music I am listening to today...Santana , The Game of Love

"God created a circle of light & love so vast, no one can stand outside of it."  ~Carlos Santana

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