Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20, 2013

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"No estés esculcando mis cosas!"

My grandmother was telling me that all the time, as I loved searching through her treasures.

Blake is the master "esculcador!"...translation, he is always going through boxes looking for hidden treasures. Today he found one for me.  I have had a Raggedy Ann & Andy doll set since I was a little girl.  A small Knickerbocker 6 inch set that have been part of my childhood treasures forever. Well over 40 years.  I have posted a picture of them a few years ago in this blog. *click* 

Sometime during our last move, I thought I had lost them forever.  During his treasure hunting session in the garage, Blake found my Raggedy Andy.  I was SO excited to see him, but sad at the same time that Raggedy Ann was not with him.  I have NEVER had these dolls separated, so I have no idea how he only found one. Now I am desperate to find Raggedy Ann.  I may need to tear the garage apart, but I will find her!

I did find a boxed set on Amazon, which is awesome, but they are not MY dolls which I have had for over 40 years.  :*(

"I will find you Raggedy Ann!"

Happy First Day of Spring!  

It is a rainy 59°f today, so it definitely feels like spring.  Unfortunately with the freezes of late, the flowers have all withered, but Blake managed to find a few for my picture.
 Poor lonely Raggedy Andy.
We also found the Burt and Ernie that we bought when my daughter was little.  She is now going to be 27, so these fellas are pretty darn old!

***Doggy Daily***
Dozer took a liking to Burt.

***Yoshi Cam!***
Princess Yoshi was rather fond of Ernie.
 "Don't look now Ernie, but there is a hamster on your head!"

Music I am listening to today...Sting , I'm So Happy  I love this song, but this has got the be the strangest video I have ever seen.  lol :)

Random Link of the Day...40 Super-Awesome Wallpapers for Nerds

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