Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31, 2013

My 365...

I enjoyed a great evening (well into the morning) with three of my sons, Garrett, Casey and Blake (we missed you Brandon), playing video games, talking and just chilling.  It was awesome.  I feel so blessed that they like to hang out with their old mama.  :)

I made the grievous error of telling the boys about Pho, so we decided to try make some at 3:00am.  Who does that?  We do. Unfortunately we did not have all the ingredients we needed, so a trip to the Vietnamese Market is in order for this week.  We were up until 4:00AM, then I made the boys head to bed.  My silly boys, I love them so much.  <3

It was a nice relaxing way to welcome in Easter 2013, and say good-bye to March.  Now that I live in a House-O-GROWN-Men, there is no Easter Bunny fun for mama.  But that is okay, I will celebrate my Easter Bunny fun when grandson Cooper comes to visit on Thursday.  Blake will enjoy that too.

Today we simply enjoyed the day.  I called my Auntie in Texas to tell her I love her, then relaxed the rest of the day with my awesome family.

Have a terrific Monday planet!

A beautiful patch of flowers under the living room window.

***Doggy Daily***
Blake and the Diva, Miss Lilly.
"Hello mama, focus please.  I am down here!"

***Yoshi Cam!***

Since today is the last day of March, I thought we would do one last Yoshi Cam.

Blake added some flowers to Princess Yoshi's spot under the tree.

He noticed a little lady bug crawling close by, so he placed it on Yoshi's rock.  I used to call her "Little Bug."  We still miss her.

Music I am listening to today...Andrew Belle , Open Your Eyes

Random Link of the Day...Time to get your garden growing.  We can't wait to get started!  :)

The Daily V...


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