Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24, 2013

My 365...

Happy Sunday Planet.

I did not sleep very well last night.  The usual day-to-day worries that creep in from time to time.  You know the ones, jobs, bills, garbage that we can not escape, along with a few other things that I should not be worrying about, but life has decided to bring them on anyway.

Sleep did not come.  When it did, it was accompanied by really strange dreams that left me feeling unsettled and even more worried.

I reached for my Android Tablet and decided to check the news stories of the day and was greeted with headlines like...

13 month old baby shot dead.

10 year old boy killed when airport sign falls.

Okay...what?  Really planet?  Both stories shocked, horrified and saddened me, but even more than those emotions, they made me so thankful for all that is right in my world.  At that moment, I felt almost selfish and ridiculous for losing sleep over ordinary turmoils such as bills and time management stress. These news stories were only the tip of the iceberg.  Things are happening all across this planet every single second of every single day that are so heart breaking.

I needed to stop thinking about all the stupid things in life that I can fix, and start being more thankful for all the things that matter.  My children, my grandchildren, health, family, freedom...those I have in spades.  And because of that, my dreams should be all rainbows, unicorns and butterflies. In other words..."Veronica, get over it!"

My thoughts and prayers to all the families who are struggling with loss, illness, pain, sickness and war. We need to work harder human race.  We need to get this right.

And now for my ordinary world...and all the things that are right.

An absolutely brilliant Minecraft artist, Blake.
While playing Minecraft with Blake, I was busy gathering resources to build our house.  Meanwhile, Blake is busy gathering sheep?  

In the game Minecraft, the only purpose of sheep is their wool.  When you first start playing, you only need enough wool to make a bed.  But Blake is spending all his time herding dozens of sheep.  

Why?  To create pixel art with different colors of wool.  

He is so freaking amazing that son-o-mine.  He has a nice sheep farm going, along with all the resources he needed to dye the wool different colors so that he could create pixel art images of a Pokè Ball, Mario and a Mario Mushroom.  Wool block by wool block to create these giant pixel images right in the middle of our Minecraft world.

I love this kid!  He is so creative, fun and simply magnificent.  :)
And Kirby...

It was a gorgeous day today in Boise.  Far too cold for a bike ride, but not too cold to climb up in his tree fort for a bit.

I love you Blake.  <3
Clear skies ahead.

***Doggy Daily***

This little diva knows how to work the camera!  
Kori and Garrett found this adorable doggy bomber jacket in the $1 bin, and had to get it for Miss Lilly.  I am not one for putting clothes on dogs, but she really loved her new threads.

***Yoshi Cam!***
Pocket Hamster.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Duran Duran , Ordinary World

Random Link of the Day...How to be Perfect

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