Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013, Good-Bye Princess Yoshi Bug. :*(

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What a day we have had.  It started out normal.  It is day one of Spring Break for the boys, so Casey was out the door early to go skating.  Blake and I went outside to take our daily photos.  That did not last long though because it is freezing outside!

We came inside to play with Princess Yoshi, and take our daily "Yoshi Cam" photo.  Blake went over to her cage, and she would not come to the door to greet us like she always did.  He brought her cage over to me, and I reached in to pick her up and she was ice cold.  :*(  I took her out of her cage, and she was barely moving at all.  We called Garrett over, and he tried to revive her for several minutes, but we feared it was just too late.

Blake took her in his hands and held her for a while.  His hands are always so warm.  She started moving a little more.  Kori heated a towel and Garrett wrapped her up and started to try to revive her again.  Then nothing.  I told Blake she was gone.  We needed to make her a soft little bed in a box and say good bye to her.

"Let me just hold her for a little while mom?"  There was no way he was ready to give up on her.

So we wrapped her in a little towel, and Blake came up to my room to sit with her.  She was wrapped in two towels by this time.  After about 30 minutes, he felt her move.  We peeled back the towel to see her looking back at us!  Still moving really slowly, but she was breathing.  We think the cage may have gotten too cold last night, and she may have gone into hibernation mode.

We were watching her closely and Blake was keeping her warm.  She was still breathing and moving a little and things started looking up.  It is impossible to know how old she was.  She was fine last night, so finding her this way today was a surprise.  We have not moved her cage, so the temperature has not changed.  It has been really cold at night, but the house is warm where we keep her.

We really hoped she would pull through, but two and a half hours after we discovered her lifeless in her cage, she died.  Blake's heart is broken.  Blake and I had a good cry, and we buried her in a little patch of flowers under the tree in the front yard.  Garrett painted a little headstone for her.

I never wanted a hamster.  I fought getting one for years, but Blake finally convinced me to let him adopt one.  I have to say, I am so glad he did.  I loved that little hamster bug.  She was so sweet, playful, funny and just downright adorable.  We are going to miss her.  :*(

 His heart is broken, but he did not give up on her.
 Garrett giving her a little CPR.

She opened her eyes!
 I think she opened her eyes to say goodbye.

 Keeping his Princess Yoshi warm.

Blake has been an amazing Princess Yoshi care giver.  He kept her cage clean, water fresh, and above all, gave her daily love and attention.  We really loved this little Yoshi bug.  

Now she is riding Harleys, playing chess, and enjoying life across the Hamster rainbow bridge.  
 Good-bye little bug...
We love you Princess Yoshi.  :*(

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