Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013

My 365...


"Yes Blake?"

"I think Princess Yoshi needs a bigger cage."

"Why son?  She only sleeps in it.  You let her out every day to run around the house in her ball.  I think Yoshi is fine."

"Well, maybe we can get her an aquarium so she can have two homes."

"I will think about it."


"Yes Blake?"

"I think we should get a turtle.  I would name the turtle Sonic.  Wouldn't that be ironic?"

"Who are you?  Dr. Doolittle Jr.?  No more pets!  And yes, that would be ironic."

Never a dull moment with this son of mine.  I vetoed the idea of getting a hedgehog and naming him Sonic, so now he wants Sonic the Ironic  Cute, funny, but not happening.

Happy Wednesday Planet!

Math lessons with daddy.  I take care of all the home school lessons except for math.  Daddy takes care of the arithmetic.  

Casey being the epic sk8ter that he is, goes through shoes like crazy!  I just bought him a brand new pair, and they already look like he has worn them for years.  

I present Casey's new shoes.  LOL, he is so funny.

Mohawk down!  I finally cut Blake's Mohawk off this evening.  I can hardly wait to see what his new hairstyle will be this spring.  His hair grows really fast, then he does something super creative with his hair style.  I love that about him.  :)

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