Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012

My 365...

Today shall go down in history as the day I conquered the "Grandma triathalon!"  Well...not really, but it sure felt like it.  :)

We decided that we wanted to ride our bikes to Camel's Back Park today.  It is only a five mile ride to get there, and a really nice ride too I might add.  Once we got there, we discovered that you could ride your bike around the base as well as hike to the top, elevation 2,893 we did both.

The bike ride was fun, but it would be MUCH easier on a mountain bike, not my beach cruiser.  I still made it though.

Then we locked up the bikes and took the one mile hike to the top.  I have done it once before, but I had a ski pole and Dozer with me to help me up...then back down.  It was much harder without them.  It was not too hot today, only 84 degrees, but the sun was strong and it was a bit breezy too.  But I made it to the top and was able to enjoy the amazing view.

I took the 1 mile hike back down, however Blake decided he really wanted to go down the front face which is straight down.  There was no way I was going to attempt such a thing, so he and Jack waited at the top while I hiked back down.  Blake was so cute, he kept calling out to me..."You okay mom?"...until I was safely at the bottom.  Then I was able to get a rest and take some more great pictures.

After the hike, Blake wanted to ride downtown to the Capital building so that was our next adventure.  From there we headed to the greenbelt.  We ended a day with a dip in the Boise river.

Today we biked, hiked and swam all in one day.  It was awesome, but boy are we tired.  :)

Hope your Sunday was amazing!

And Happy 24th Birthday to my nephew, godson Eric.  Once of the most beautiful, sensitive, amazing human beings I know.  "I love you Eric!"  <3

My photos of the day...

Ready to ride.
Blake walking up a tree.
Camel's Back Park.

Casey being a teenager.
Always texting...and he says we are boring.  He dumped up shortly after this picture and headed out to meet up with friends.

 Taking the dramatic way down.

 Mountain bike trails.

 View from the top.

Taking the shortest way down....straight down!

Capital building.

Blake rang this bell. A car pulled up with two men and they asked Blake..."Did you just ring the bell?" He said yes...and they replied..."Atta a boy!" lol :)
Downtown Boise.

Boise is called the city of trees....this time of year it is also the city of flowers.  So beautiful!

Homeward bound.

It was an awesome day!  :)

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