Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012

My 365...

Life goes on, it never misses a beat.  It slows for nothing, it slows for no one, so the best you can do is hang on for the ride.

Bad things come and go, but good things come and stay.  I am happy for the good things.  :)

I had a dream about my daughter last night.  She was beautiful and happy in my dream.  Waiting for her baby to make his grand debut.  I am so happy she gets to experience the wonder of motherhood.  And a wonderful mother no doubt she will be.

Blake is working on his tree house today.  He and his brothers Garrett and Casey are making it a family project with any random scraps of wood they can find.  I love watching them build together.

He keeps doing kind deeds throughout the day followed by..."Am I still grounded?"

"Yes sweetheart."

"But I signed a contract!"

"Yes you did, but that was for Garret not for me."

"Aww man!"

He will learn.  :)

Plan for this evening, at least a 10 mile ride.  Then something "chicken'y for dinner.

Hope your day has been "uh-mazing!"

My photos of the day...

Tree house warrior.  Still working on that "home away from home" of his.  It is such a lovely tree, with a wonderful view.  I am a little jealous.  *grin*

A tree house, a free house,
A secret you and me house,
A high up in the leafy branches
Cozy as can be house.
A street house, a neat house,
Be sure and wipe your feet house
Is not my kind of house at all~
Let's go live in a tree house.

Shel Silverstein

We had a nice brisk ride tonight...just under 9 miles.  I need to figure out how to add two more miles to my favorite route.

And "note to self"...don't forget to put an SD card in the camera.  DUH!  :*(

 ***Doggy Daily***

"Whoa nelly, were are you taking me Blake?"
 "Too high...too, save me!"
 "Oh...this is kind of cool."

Music I am listening to today...Kelly Clarkson

Random Link of the Day...Yes Please

Until next time..."Love is key."


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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