Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

My 365...

Hello June!

I read an article yesterday that made me laugh.  "Mayor Bloomberg of New York proposes a ban on all 64 oz. soft drinks!"

While I applaud his interest in creating a healthy environment in his beautiful city...really?  Really?  This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.  Keeping someone from ordering one 64 ounce Coke, is not going to keep them from ordering, oh lets say 2, 32 ounce or even 4, 16 ounce sodas.  So I have a message for you Mayor Bloomberg.  How about you and all your "health conscious" constituates governing this country work on making whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable for my family?  That would be a step in the right direction.

There was a study I read from 2007, and it stated...

Energy-dense munchies cost on average $1.76 per 1,000 calories, compared with $18.16 per 1,000 calories for low-energy but nutritious foods.

THAT my friends is the problem with obesity and poor health in our country, not 64 ounce sodas.  We can't afford the healthy alternatives!  Stop focusing on the little things.  I don't even drink sodas, at all, but I am very much interested in being able to afford healthy food for my family.

(Stepping down from my soap box.)

Happy Friday planet.  School is out for summer....yay!  And we are looking forward to lots of fun and adventure.

The weekend forecast is showing a chance of thunderstorms.  The temperature is going to be in the 90's, but we noticed yesterday that the Greenbelt along the Boise River is a good 10 degrees cooler with the cold river and the canopy of trees.  I did not once feel hot yesterday. Although that body crash and burn near the end of our ride was scary.  I learned my lesson though, and I am definitely purchasing a case of protein bars for our bike rides.  I do not ever want to experience that again.

Speaking of adventuring...

For years I wanted to purchase a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical for exercise.  Actually I did purchase an elliptical and never used it.  There is NO comparison between riding a bike or walking on a treadmill inside to taking a walk or bike ride in the great outdoors.  What was I thinking?  I am so blessed to be living in such a beautiful city that caters to bike riders, walkers and joggers.  It is amazing here.  I have had my bike for over a year before I really started using it, and now I average at least 4 good rides a week.  I love biking.  <3

Have a great weekend everyone!

My photos of the day...

Enjoying a warm summer day.
 A successful shopping trip.

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"Yo quierro Taco Bell...."
"...or a nice fat slice of cheese." 

Music I am listening to today... Chase Coy

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Until next time..."Stay cool!"

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