Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012

My 365...

What a long productive day this has been!  Blake and Casey had dental appointments this morning.  They had a good visit but they have to return next week for followup.  Casey has one cavity, and Blake has two baby teeth that need to be pulled.

We also got a referral to an orthodontist for Casey.  He has finally agreed to wear braces...thank God, so we will get started on that journey next week.  He also has an under bite like I had.  Mine was corrected surgically when I was 19.  I am hoping that we can avoid surgery for Casey.

Jack and I have appointments next week for our cleanings as well.  (I really dislike going to the dentist!)

After that it was a trip to the DMV for license renewals for both of us, and finally a trip to the grocery store to stock up on healthy food choices.  Lots of fruit and granola for mom.  Blake kept "secretly" tossing stuff in the basket too.  He is such a stinker!

Tomorrow I have an eye appointment, then we can relax for a nice weekend of adventure.  No bike ride today, but I am going to try another 25 + mile bike ride this weekend.  We have been averaging 40 miles a week.  I am so proud of us.  :)

Kori and Garrett invited us to the lake today, but we had to take a rain check.  Hopefully we can go next week instead.

I received an adorable phone call from Brandon last night just after midnight asking me for some "mom" advice.  It seems my precious little grandson prefers to sleep with his diaper off!  He manages to remove it every  Brandon has already tried the trick I had to use with Blake as a baby, which was to put the diaper on backwards, tabs to the back.  That used to drive Blake nuts, but he could not get his diaper off!  Unfortunately Cooper has already figured out how to escape from that "backwards" diaper as well.  The only other option is to potty train him early.  I told Brandon that Cooper is so smart, potty training should be a breeze.  :)

That phone call made my heart so happy.  Brandon and I have come a long way in our mother/son relationship in the last year.  I felt so blessed getting a call from him needing some parental advice.  :)

"I Love you son!"  <3

Hope your day was awesome.

My photos of the day...

Always no one is watching.  :)
 " and that silly camera are always watching!"
 A beautiful day in my world today...despite the ugly power lines.
 ***Doggy Daily***

"I don't need to go to the dentist mama..."
"My teeth are perfect!"

Music I am listening to...The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Random Link of the Day...Beautiful!

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