Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12, 2012

My 365...

When I woke up this morning, I had several customer service issues to tackle...me being the customer.

I had a cup of tea, took a few deep breaths, and did a little meditation because I KNOW that if I am kind to others, they will be kind to me.  It is a fact.  Right?

I have also worked on the receiving end of Customer Service and have dealt with really ugly nasty customers and would never want to be one.

My first call was to Walmart.Com customer service.  I had ordered a $115 gift card and a $50 gift card on May 31.  The $50 gift card was delivered promptly two days later...the $115 card never arrived.


Thank you for calling Walmart.com customer service, my name is Blahblahblah, how may I assist you today.

Explain issue...

Transferred to customer gift card department...on hold 8 minutes.

"We will expedite a card to you right away!  May I put you on hold?"

"Awesome, sure."

*click*  dial tone....

Try again.

Thank you for calling Walmart.com customer service, my name is Blahblahblah, how may I assist you today.

Explain issue...

Transferred to customer gift card department...on hold 15 minutes.

"I have to transfer you to the finance department for a refund  That will take 3 - 5 days."

"Wait, I do not want a refund!  I want the card over-nighted to me today!....Please."

On hold - 7 minutes

"I am sorry, we have to refund you."

"No, let me speak to your supervisor."

*click*  dial tone......


Thank you for calling Walmart.com customer service, my name is Blahblahblah, how may I assist you today.

*deep breath*

Explain issue...

"Oh I am so sorry, of course we can overnight you a card.  Let me transfer you to our gift card department."

On hold - 10 minutes, connected to a recording.

"Thank you for calling Walmart.com customer service.  How would you rate the call?  Enter 1 for Extremely Dissatisfied, 2 for Dissatisfied, 3 for....

"Hello?  Hello?  HELP ME!!!!!!

*click*  Dial tone......

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!


Thank you for calling Walmart.com customer service, my name is Jarrod, how may I assist you today?

"Hello Jarrod, are you ready for this?"

I explain my issue with all the latest and greatest lack of response I have received, and customer service representative Jarrod is mortified!  He decides that he is going to remain on the line with me until the issue is resolved.  My hero.

He places us on hold, we listen to the worst hold music EVER in the history of hold music.

Jarrod:  "Veronica..."

Me:  "Yes Jarrod?"

Jarrod:  "I need to let corporate know that this music is not making me calm, it is making me mad."

Me:  "LOL, I have to agree with you dear."

We finally get through to yet another representative in the Gift Card dept.  She offers the following...

Brittany: "I can have you go to the local store and have the manager give you and in-store credit,"

Jarrod:  "Uhmmm, no you can't."

Brittany:  "I can send a replacement via regular mail, and you will receive in 5 - 7 business days."

Me:  No, I want it EXPEDITED please.

Brittany:  "I am sorry, I can not expedite your card to you, we do not have that option available here in this department."

Me:  "Brittany, if I can order the gift card expedited, why can't you order the gift card expedited?"

Brittany:  "I am sorry mam, I can only send it out regular mail."

Me:  "May I speak to your supervisor?"

Brittany:  "One moment please....."

More HORRIBLE music.  More small talk with Jarrod who is still hanging on to my call for assistance.

Me.  "Jarrod, I appreciate you holding on with me."

Jarrod:  "My pleasure Veronica, I just want to see to it that your issue is resolved, and prevent the "WRATH of Veronica!"

Me:  "Oh Jarrod, how did you know I am capable of such wrath."

Jarrod:  "I can tell your calm sweet demeanor is being pushed to the limit here."

We finally get a supervisor on the phone who says.....NO, a replacement can not be expedited, NO, a replacement can not be sent regular mail, NO, the local store can not give you credit.  The policy states that lost or missing Gift Cards MUST be refunded to the credit card of purchase, period.

Me:  "Then why oh why has it taken me two hours and 9 customer service representatives to tell me what the policy is?  Not to mention the 2 representatives I spoke to on the 9th?

Jarrod:  "Wow, there are no words....."

I settled for the refund...which will take 3 - 5 business days, and thanked Jarrod for his customer service.  He will get a recommendation from me that is for certain.

After I hung up I had two choices.

2. Cry

So I cried.  Took a deep breath, said a prayer and continued on to the next issue.

The Wrath of Veronica would have been easy.  I am very good at being scary when I want to be, but it does not resolve a thing.  Perhaps some personal satisfaction in chewing up and spitting out another human being, but I am better than that.

It is much more rewarding remaining calm, getting the issue resolved, crying, letting go, and moving on with life.

I am way too happy to be miserable.

The end.

One more thing, Blake gets really cranky when mama is off her center.  This resulted in him saying some "not so nice" things to me.  I told big brother Garrett about it, and he was not happy.  When Garrett came to help Blake work on his tree fort, Garrett made Blake sign a contract to behave before they starting working on the tree.

God I love my boys.  <3

Moms, we must always remain calm and centered, or our world starts to crumble.  :)

My photos of the day...

Some color in my world.

 ***Doggy Daily***

"Mama, you did the right thing.  Calm is good."
 "Oh no mama, I would have chewed up that customer service representative then spit her out!"
 "Miss Lilly!  Stop being such a little bitch!"
 "Chomp!  I bite your head dude."
"Oh Miss Lilly, I am gonna get you!"
"Nah...it's not worth getting all upset over."
"Yes Dozer, you've got that right.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Fleetwood Mac

Random Link of the Day...Bro Adventures!  Shaycarl Butler and his brother Casey have made some AMAZING adventure videos.  You definitely need to check these out...

Until next time...


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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