Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

My 365...

It is a beautiful day in my neighborhood today.  :)

No worries about invading war lords, or hostile countries.  No worries about my children being abducted at nightfall, and forced to do unthinkable acts.  No worries about fresh clean water and food on our table.  We are safe.

Oh wait...we live in the United States of America, of course we are safe.  Thank God for that.


I watched the viral video yesterday called KONY 2012, along with 9,925,483 other humans...and it touched me to the core. But here is the thing, I do not want to be lured into slacktivism.  Yes, I will spread the word.  Yes, I will purchase the kit for a good cause, wear the bracelet, go out on one night in April and hang posters.  I am a mother, I care, of course I will.

Or will I?

Enter the naysayers....

"Think Twice Before Donating to KONY!"

"What is KONY 2012"

"We Got Trouble"

And the list goes on.  I will let you *click* and read for yourself.

This troubles me greatly.  One of the main points of the KONY 2012 campaign that appealed to me more than anything else, was the brilliant use of social media for the greater good.  Yes I know my country will not get involved in other world conflicts unless "our" security or economy are being directly threatened.  But there are reasons to get involved in other world issues if basic humanity is being threatened.

One of the reasons I am proud to be an American is because I have a voice.  Through social media, I have an avenue to have my "voice" heard, and this is a POWERFUL thing.  I love the concept of a "Global" community.

This voice should never be abused for notoriety or financial gain period.

Joseph Kony IS, and for over 20 years has been, an EVIL that MUST be dealt with.  That is a fact, and that is a cause I will stand behind.

I thank the KONY 2012 campaign for putting this information "in my face" so I am fully aware.  Awareness is critical, but I am not donating money to awareness...I am donating money for action.

I thank the naysayers for helping me push the "PAUSE" button so that I can research further how I want to help.  But PLEASE, do not let the naysayers give us the avenue to say..."Hmmm, that sounds fishy...forget about this!"

I will do more research before I donate my hard earned money.  I want to be absolutely certain that the money goes to the cause and not into someones deep pockets.  I think we all should. But don't forget the real issue at hand here...the children.

Machine Gun Preacher

Invisible Children

The Children of Uganda

Save the Children

Never take our freedom and security for granted.  Don't let greed drive the cause.  Above all, never take my human spirit, and my desire to do good for granted either.


My photos of the day...

Blue skies.

Hello moon.

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Music I am listening to today...Nickelback

Random Link of the Day...Find a Good Cause.

Until next time..."No I can't save the world, but I care enough to know it needs saving."


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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