Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012

My 365...

"If it is broken, we can fix it."

Have you heard the saying "Jack of all trades?"  That is my husband Jack.  In the almost 30 years that I have known him, we have never had to call a plumber, electrician, mechanic, craftsman or any other sort of trades person because if it needs fixing, Jack can do it.  That is one of the things I love about him.

He has also passed this skill on to his sons.  Have I mentioned that I think my sons are amazing?  Well, I know I have at least a thousand times since I started this blog, but let me say it again..."My sons are amazing!"  :)

It is Friday after a long strange week, and I should go out on an adventure with Blake for my 365 and take some photos of exciting, amazing stuff.  So I grab my camera, walk out the front door, and am greeted with a great story.  The story of us.  I spy Jack and Garrett working on the truck with Blake intently looking on, wanting to lend a hand. 

In watching Jack and Garrett working together on this project, I realize that this is how Jack is a father.  Not in sitting the boys down, and having an open and intellectual conversation about the facts of life, but standing over a disassembled engine, sharing the partnership and mentorship it takes to "patiently" and meticulously put it all back together. 

Often I will sit feeling angry and cheated.  Why didn't I marry a great , strong man who I can share this parenting with, this life with?  A man on the same mental, intellectual plane?  A man who I can enjoy intelligent, deep, engaging conversation with?  The answer is so easy...I did marry a good strong man.  However, I married a simple man.  A man who loves a simple life, who loves his family as only Jack knows how...quite simply.  No, he does not read books or care about political or religious issues.  He does not enjoy passionate intellectual conversation nor does he care about current world events.  Jack lives here and now and life is about the steps he takes every day to get through it, keeping our family safe, fed, sheltered and warm. And that is all.

Jack "is" a good man.  He is a patient man, a loving man, a devoted man...a dependable man...who is so often misunderstood.  We get angry with him because he seems so unplugged from the rest of us.  Then he gets frustrated that we do not understand him and he dives deeper into the darkness that he often finds himself, and we get angrier still. 

My boys see this, my boys know this.  They love Jack for the simple man that he is.  They  have never had high expectations of him, they simply love him for being who he is...he is dad.  They have been trying to tell me this for years, but selfishly, I have never seen it...I have never "heard" it.  I was so busy wanting the story book father that I could not see the great father standing right in front of me...and adjust my expectations and life accordingly.  Shame on me.  I see that now.

How egotistical it is to demand that everyone understand what we expect of them in this life, and demand that they adjust to our needs?  There is no absolute right or wrong way to love and raise our children.  But there is a good honest way to get it done...and that my friends is Jack.  A man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.  A man who can drop everything in a single second to rush to your rescue.  A man who may not understand you or a word you are saying, a man who often repeats himself over and over again because he runs out of things to say, a man who can not stand picking an item off of a menu because it is too complicated, a man you can disappoint on so many levels but he will forget all about it if you need him.  A man who simply asks to be loved and appreciated for all that he "does" give...not disregarded because of all he is incapable of giving.

As I sit here writing this, my mind is flooded with the realization that I have not been cheated in this life by marrying a man like my Jack, I have been blessed with an opportunity to be loved by a man like Jack.  For Jack is a good husband, he is a good father and he lifts this family up with a spirit that may be simple and uncomplicated, but it is true, strong and dependable and it is all he has. 

There is a lesson here people.  A good Friday afternoon lesson.  Life is not perfect, but life can be and should be amazing.  How?  Look at the people in your life and celebrate all the good they bring to your life. 

"Accentuate the positive."

Thank you Jack.  :)

Have an amazing weekend everyone.

My photos of the day...

 Working together.
 Father teaches son...
 ...son teaches father.
 Strong hands, huge heart. 

 ***Doggy Daily***

"I spy an open door..."

 "...but I will stay right here."

Until next time..."The secret to having it all, is believing you already do."


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