Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012

 My 365...

Today was a perfect day spent with my men.  Jack and I took the boys, Garrett, Casey and Blake, to lunch to celebrate Garrett's birthday.  Kori joined us too...yay!  All that was missing was son Brandon and grandson Cooper.  We had an "all you can eat" Chinese Buffet.  With boys it HAS to be "all you can eat" or nothing at all.  And oh brother can my boys eat!

After lunch we enjoyed some shopping for new shoes for the boys, and a new computer keyboard and cell phone for dad.  Shoes....oh shoes.  We go through boys shoes faster than a fish swims through water!  Garrett has a TON of awesome shoes that the boys would love to inherit...but Garrett also has huge feet!  lol :)  We got a new bike for Blake...another thing he has outgrown!

I also made the big switch from Sprint to T-Mobile.  I have had Sprint for years, but decided I was paying entirely too much for way too many services that we did not need.  The rep at the T-Mobile store was very nice, and had us all set up in no time with a great family plan.  Here is hoping T-Mobile does not disappoint!  Family and friends...if you would like my new cell phone number, please message me on Facebook.

Today I realized so many things.  I have the best family in the world!  Duh....I only say that in just about every single blog post. But it is true...I do!  I love spending time with my boys and Kori.  They are funny and warm and just about the coolest people I know.  I hate that Brandon does not live in Boise anymore, I miss him and Cooper SO much it hurts.  :*(   Thank God for Facebook and the Internet so we can keep in touch.  I LOVE you Brandon and Cooper!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.  :)

My photos of the day...

Two of my favorite people in the world, son Garrett and his honey Kori.  <3

 Son Casey...loving the mushrooms!
 Daddy and Blake.
 Yummy food.
 Blake decided to try some sushi and seafood, which he loved.
 Unfortunately when he realized this little guy was staring back at him...
 ...he couldn't bring himself to eat it.

"Seafood is great mom, but NOT when it is looking you in the eye."
Where is the best place to keep your fortune cookie message?  Garrett decided it was a great enhancement to his earring.  :P
I love my family!!
***Doggy Daily***

Don't even think about walking out the front door Dozer...aka "poop" head.  :)

Dozer knows when I am about to leave the house.  He paces the front door.

Music I am listening to today...John Mayer

Random Link of the Day...Get Involved!

Until next time..."The only way for someone to know that you love them, is if you tell them.  Cosmic forces will not tell them for you.  Just saying..."


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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