Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014

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Hello?  Has anyone seen Blake?  Yeah, either have I.  He is hiding around here somewhere, trying to avoid finishing up his "Canada" essay that is due on January 10.  Blake hates writing, which is astonishing to me because he, just like his brothers, is quite creative.  All four boys are really good writers, artists, and all around freaking amazing human beings.  :)

Blake has already done all the research, and has his notes pretty much completed, he has only to put it all together in an outstanding final draft.  He will get an "A" on this paper, I know he will.  He is really stressed out about presenting it though.  He has severe stage fright, and just the mere thought of presenting something to the entire class makes him light-headed.  I told him we would practice it every day until he is comfortable with everything he is presenting...then it will be easy.

Now to find that rascal...

***Update*** It is now 8:34pm, and his paper is done!  And amazing too I might add.  :)

Hope you had a great Saturday planet.  It was a beautiful sun-shinning, crisp, cold day here in my world. There is nothing more beautiful thank Idaho blue skies.

Until next time...
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