Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

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Hello Wednesday.  All the days are melting together, and Casey and I feel like we are in a giant vortex, where time just stands still.  It is strange.  Once Blake is home from school in the afternoon, everything feels back to normal.  It is almost as if Casey and I are drifting in neutral, waiting for him to feel better.

Today has been a good day pain wise.  Casey has gone all day without any pain medication.  I offer it to him, but he is hanging tough.  I am really proud of him.  His spirits are high too.  Last night a friend of his dropped by to bring him some colorful flowers, and that really made his day.  It was so sweet of her to do so.  :)

This evening Casey wanted some beef Pho.  Just before surgery, he had gone to the oriental market, and stocked up on many packages of the good stuff.  I chopped some fresh carrots, and cooked them in the beef broth until they were soft.  Then I added some peas, the pho noodles and spices and cooked it through. Finally, I tossed it all into the blender and turned it into a nice steamy, creamy liquid he could get through his feeding tube.  He loved it!  Thank goodness.  And for desert, some blended pears.

Hope your day was a good one planet.

Until next time...

A gift from a friend.  Thank you Miranda.  :)
 Dr. Tingy's flowers are still beautiful.
 Casey day 9.  Looking good honey!
 His jawline is coming through the swelling a bit now.  He was worried it was gone forever.

 The head nurse, keeping an eye on things.  He is one tough cookie.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  The precious nursing necklace I ordered for my daughter-in-law Amber arrived from the Ukraine, the same day we brought Casey home from the hospital, so I did not get to post about it. The necklace is beautifully hand crafted with love, and we absolutely adore it.  Sveta had it wrapped in a pretty linen bag, and packaged for Christmas.  Thank you so much Sveta!

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