Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014

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Happy Saturday planet!

It is so strange, I have no idea what day it is anymore.  Our days are backwards too.  Casey is more comfortable during the day when the sun is shining, and very uncomfortable and uneasy at night.  He just does not sleep.  Not that I blame him, poor guy.

He is doing a little better today.  He is finally comfortable feeding himself, and is getting the hang of things. His face is still pretty swollen and numb, and his lips are very swollen too, so he often misses his mouth with the feeding tube.  I showed him how to feel for his mouth with his hand, then guide the tube in.  He is getting there.  So far he has enjoyed his Ensure, Cream of Chicken soup, Split Pea soup, and I even ran some ravioli through the blender to make it all liquid, and he really enjoyed that.  I have made some banana, berry smoothies for him, and tonight I told him I would make him a Coke float.  His jaws and teeth are sealed pretty tight, with a rubber bumper between the teeth, so everything has to be pretty liquefied to get it through. Jack thinks he has lost a lot of weight already, but he looks the same to me.

His moods is much better.  I am able to dissolve his anxiety medication in Sprite so he can take it.  That has helped a lot. He gets mad at me easily, I just have to remind myself that it is frustration and nothing more. Having been through having my mouth wired closed when I was 18, I do know how he is feeling.  It sucks.

I think we are all pretty tired.  It has been a long hard week, and we are all processing everything that has happened.  However, things are good.  I log everything I do for him.  With all the scheduled meds, and rinses and jaw exercises, I have it all set up in a log...complete with alarms reminding me when it is time for something.  It can only get better from here.  :)

Things that touched my heart today...

...Garrett took his nice flat screen TV off his wall and set it up at the foot of Casey's recliner so that he could watch movies and play video games on a nice big clear screen.  Garrett is the most awesome big brother on the planet.  "Thank you Garrett."

...I noticed I had a random icon on my laptop screen, that was not there before.  As I looked closer, I could see it was a NotePad icon, with the words "I love you"  I doubled clicked and discovered a nice little note from Blake, telling me how much he loves me.  :)  "Thank you Blakey."

Things that made me giggle...

...Casey was playing Black-Ops online multi player, and it was time for his pain meds.  A few minutes later he says..."Damn mom, after my pain meds, my reaction time is too slow...I am killing my own team.  Can you put in Forza Horizon?"  To which I replied..."Dude, so you can't play a shooter game, but you can drive a race car under the influence?  This should be entertaining."  LOL :)

Hope you are having a great weekend everyone!  Until next time...

A sweet note from Blake.
Casey, Day 5.  Still quite a bit of swelling, and he can't get a smile going.  But he is feeling much better today. He still can't bear weight on his right leg, but with the help of a cane, he is moving a little faster.
 Dinner is served.  A tube of chicken soup, and a tube of Sprite.
 A nice TV to keep him entertained.  Thanks Garrett!
 Ducati standing guard.  Ducati has been really good so far.  Last night he was under the recliner that Casey was sitting on, and I needed to move him so I could help Casey stand up.  Ducati was NOT having it, and tried to bite me.  Rather than get furious with him, I just sat calmly on the floor and called him over to me to remind him that I was not trying to hurt Casey, I was only trying to help.  Then he gave me permission to proceed.
 Ducati is the nurse in charge here.
 And he can't wait for his Casey to be better.

Music I am listening to today...Blake picked the song today.  Huey Mack, Charlotte  *love*

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