Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

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Happy Monday planet!

Tomorrow is the big day.  Casey has an appointment with the surgeon, to see how his healing is progressing. We are really hoping that the wires come off, so Casey can open his mouth at least a little bit.  That would be awesome!  He still has some swelling, and some discomfort.  He so desperately wants to return to normal activities, but it is entirely too soon for that I think.  Casey is very healthy and strong, so keeping him down is difficult.  He is ready to hit the ground running.

Today he has decided that there are two bodily functions in the existence of the cosmos, that should be banned forever...sneezing, and yawning.  Go ahead, give it a try, whilst pretending that your mouth is wired closed.  I'll wait.....

In a word...OUCH!  Yawning is anticlimactic if you can not open your mouth to the fullest extent of your face.  And sneezing with your mouth closed.  Well, can you say "brain explosion?"  Poor guy.  Enough is enough.

Please send prayers and good vibes for his appointment tomorrow.

My daughter-in-law Amber started a new blog.  I am so glad she did, because she is brilliantly funny, an amazing writer, and the most epic of all young mothers on the face of this here planet. The other day Blake told me that I am hanging out with Amber too much, because I have adopted her sense of humor.  We were talking and he said...

Blake:  "Mom, do you know what is really funny?"

Me:  "Your face?"

Blake:  "Mom!  You have been hanging around Amber too much.  You are grounded!"

Me:  "You can't ground me.  You are not my real father!"

LOL, yep...I have.   :)

You can find Amber's new blog *HERE*  I love the title..."My Children are Ridiculous."

Hope you had a good day everyone.

Until next time...
My awesome son, Blake.  :)  He requested that I cut his hair last night.  He has the same style as his big brother Garrett, and I love it because it is easy to cut.  Long on top...shaved close everywhere else.  He looks very handsome too.

Practicing his trumpet this afternoon.  Blake is so musically talented.  I want to buy him a new guitar and keyboard this year.  He loves singing, and is very good at it too.  Actually, Blake is pretty much awesome at everything he does.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Bon Jovi, Dead or Alive

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