Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

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And...just like that...his life starts anew.  Huh?  What the heck am I talking about you ask?  I am talking about my son Casey.  We are T-Minus 13 hours to surgery time.  OMG 13 hours!!!!  I need a hug.

It is so amazing to me that we are just over a year into this journey with Casey.  It was September 4, 2012 that we had our first consultation with Dr. T. regarding his braces.  That was just 496 days ago.  In that time they have widened his upper palate, straightened all of his teeth, and prepared his facial structure for surgery.  Dr. T his orthodontist, and Dr. G his oral surgeon have been amazing.  And tomorrow morning just after 6:00AM, the final surgery will take place.  His upper jaw will be moved forward into its proper position, and his lower jaw moved back.

Tomorrow morning I take my darling, amazing son Casey with the adorable, goofy smile into the hospital, and I will be bringing home my darling son Casey that I hope I am able to recognize.  Poor dear, it is going to be a long road to recovery, but everything in his face will finally be where it is supposed to be.  Eating will be normal, breathing will be normal, and speaking will be easier, thus enriching his quality of life.  What a blessing.  Although I imagine when he first looks at himself in the mirror, swollen four times his normal size, bruised and mouth wired closed, he won't be thinking..."yeah, this is a blessing."  But if I know my son, he will cruise through recovery like a champion.  Just as he has done with every other obstacle that life has placed in his way.  He is my hero.  *love*

If you pray, please keep Casey in your prayers that all goes well with his surgery and recovery.  If you don't, please send healing vibes our way.  I am sincerely appreciative for all of it.  He has all of us standing behind him, and supporting him through this final step.  It is both awesome, and crazy scary at the same time, but I trust his surgeon.  All will be well.

I will be be offline for a while, as I will not be leaving my son's side for a single solitary second!  If I can get a wifi connection, I will try to post an "all is well" update, otherwise, it will wait until he is safely resting at home.

Have an amazing week planet!

Until next time...
Casey, enjoying his last solid meal for a while.  
 Mongolian BBQ.
 "Yeah, I've got this mom."
"Yes, yes you do son."

I love this face!  I even managed to capture the very rare "Casey" smile.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Sarah Wassall, Another Chance  As requested by Casey.  He does have great taste in music, that son-o-mine.

Random Link of the Day...Tasty Green Smoothies  Casey's new meal plan.  If it can be blended, he can eat it.

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