Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

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Decisions, decisions!  This weekend is the long planned trip to McCall, Idaho for the Winter Carnival with Brandon, Amber and the children.  Blake and I have been so excited about this trip for months.  Initially, the trip was on hold for me because of Casey's surgery.  I was not going to leave him until I was sure he was okay. Well, he is...thank God. The wires are off now, and he is getting around just fine.  He still has to take it easy, but he does not need mama hovering over him 24/7 (Even though I still do.)

So what is the problem?  The weather!  A winter storm has moved in over the mountains, and we have had snow/sleet/freezing rain all day today in the valley, which means a lot of snow in the mountains.  We will be driving 106 miles into the mountains.  This is the last weekend of the Winter Carnival, so I know the highway department is going to keep the roads clear.  I hope they are.  It is a beautiful drive, but it is a small two lane road all the way there.  Not a lot of room for mistakes.  I am great driver though, so I know I can do this.  Right?

Bottom line is Amber and Brandon are going, Blake really wants to we are going!  This has been a tough couple of weeks for this family, and Blake and I could use some fun.  Garrett and Jack will take care of Casey, so I know it will be okay.  Right? Plus it will be nice to get some fresh mountain air, and out of this valley inversion we have been in.  I have made a huge pot of veggie stew for Casey, and he has three new X-Box games to keep him entertained.  I feel so bad for waiting until the last minute to decide, as my daughter-in-law is an epic planner.  Amber plans, packs and prepares "weeks" in advance.  Poor dear, I am driving her crazy.  "Sorry Amber honey, I love you!"

So today I blog, we leave tomorrow...then no blog until Sunday.  I will take pictures every day of course...hundreds of pictures I am sure...then update the blog when we return late Saturday evening.

Please send me safe driving, safe travel prayers and vibes.  Have an awesome tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, and see you on Sunday.  :)

Until next time...
How can I say no to this face?

 I can't!  :)

Music I am listening to today...Selected by Casey...Bang A Gong

I am not much of a Superbowl fan...although I do love the Broncos!  Go Broncos, Woot!  But I do love the commercials.  This one is amazing.  :)

The Daily V...Too cute!


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