Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

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Week one down.  And what a long week it has been.  I think everyone, especially Casey, is ready for some normalcy.  Fortunately, Blake is back in school tomorrow, so life can return to normal for him.  Today was a school holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, so he was home again.

Casey is comfortable.  The pain is being managed, and he is getting used to the liquid diet.  His hip pain has improved tremendously, and he only has a slight limp when he walks.  The wound itself looks good.  The one thing that is really getting him down is the swelling, which is still pretty significant.  That seems to be taking forever to improve.  I keep having to reassure him that it is only temporary.  He still can't feel his lower lip either.  Hopefully that is only temporary too.  I still have numbness on my lower left lip due to nerve damage during my surgery 34 years ago, but I have gotten used to it and it does not cause me any troubles.  I am sure Casey will get full feeling back over time.

Emotionally we are all exhausted.  Casey has been really quick to temper.  I understand he has just been through a lot, but I still remind him that he needs to be patient and positive, which is critical to a good recovery.  It is not okay to be rude to someone who is only trying to help you.  In other words...he has gotten a few "Chill out dude!" from mama. At first Blake would say. "It's okay mom, he is not feeling well."  But today, Blake has felt the same way and told Casey to "chill out" a couple of times too. Casey is not a good patient, which has really surprised me as Casey is by nature very compassionate and kind.  This speaks volumes of the trauma he just experienced.  It has him severely off his center.  He is so used to being active and working or running around with his friends.  Having to rest and stay indoors is driving him crazy.  Any surgery that one undergoes is traumatic.  When you are dealing with a surgery that dramatically changes the way you look, there is a lot of emotional healing taking place too.  And that level of healing can take a lot of time.  It is a process...

This evening I was sitting at my desk, going through my music, and I started playing a song..."Sting, Brand New Day."  At the exact same moment, Casey was sitting in his recliner listening to music, and he hit play on the exact same song on his computer.  He looked at me and asked..."Are you listening to Brand New Day?", which I was.  He smiled as best he could and said..."Whoa!"  Guess we are both ready for a brand new day.  lol :)

That is all from my world.  Hope you have had a smooth and easy Monday.

Until next time...

Casey day 7.  He is really frustrated with the swelling, and thinks it is there forever.  I remember being very swollen for several weeks after my surgery, so I gently remind him that he will look very different in a week or two.  I can't wait to see him smile again.
 "Has anyone seen my Casey?"
 Ready for some normalcy up in here.

Music I am listening to today...Sting, Brand New Day

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