Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19, 2014

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Today has been a long quiet day.  Casey has been very still, and does not have much energy.  Last night he had a sudden burst of energy and was going up and down the stairs on his own, took a nice hot shower, was cracking jokes and being his silly old self.  He was also an eating machine.  I could not keep the soup and smoothies coming fast enough.  Today he is just quiet.  I think he overdid it.  He is definitely more calm today, and has little to no appetite.  It is getting a bit easier to understand what he is saying too.  His lips are still pretty paralysed, but once he gets them moving, it will be even easier.

He is still not sleeping well at night, which means that I take cat naps through out the night.  At one point I leaped out of bed having a panic attack as if it were my mouth wired closed.  It was a horrible feeling.  When I checked on Casey, he was fine.  Thank God.

We did share a funny moment.  I was making Casey some cream of celery soup, when he walked over and dipped his finger in the soup so he could taste it.  He brought his finger to his lips, and then remembered that he could not open his mouth to taste the sauce with his tongue.  "Awwww!"  Blake and I looked at each other anxiously...then at Casey, and he started laughing..then all three of us were laughing.  Don't worry, Casey thought it was pretty hilarious.  :)

Hope you had a great Sunday planet, and have a great Monday ahead.

Until next time...
Casey's flowers are still fresh and beautiful.
 My number one assistant.  Blake has been so sweet.  He is staying close to Casey just in case he needs anything.  He has not left his brother's side once.

Casey Day 6.  Still a lot of swelling in his lower face and lips.  It looks as if the swelling is melting away slowly, revealing his new face little by little.

Music I am listening to requested by Casey, Nujabes, Aruarian Dance

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