Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

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Well hello energy!  Where have you been for the last week?  I am so glad you are back.  :)

Today I got my energy back.  I cleaned the entire house, and did four loads of laundry. Even had time to pause for some photo selfie's with my Blake.  Today has been a good day.

Casey had a bit of a rough night.  His hip starting hurting him really badly, as did his jaw.  It hit him out of left field, and left him feeling really down.  I am happy to report that it seems to have passed.  He is feeling much stronger today.  Only two more days to go.  Tuesday we see the surgeon, and we will have more of an idea how things are going.  Until then it is more soup, fruit puree and rest.

Next weekend is the McCall Winter Carnival trip that Amber and Brandon invited Blake and I to attend. They have the trip all set up for us.  Initially, I cancelled on them as there was no way I was going to leave Casey for three days.  However, if the doctor says Casey is doing okay, and if Casey does not mind....Blake and I might go ahead and join them. I hope so, we have been looking forward to this trip for months, and I miss Brandon, Amber and the babies.  I always have so much fun with them.  We shall see.  :)

Thank you God for the great weekend, and thank You for the incredible week ahead.  Seize the week planet!  You can do it...make it awesome.

Another amazing video created by my son Garrett and his friends for their company.  Amazing!

Idaho City - 57mins from downtown Boise, Idaho from Red Mountain Creative on Vimeo

Until next time...
Everyone complains because there are no pictures of me, so I set the Canon up to the computer, and had some selfie fun.  And that my my self-photo quota for another year.  Now I can get behind the camera, where I belong.  :)

This is me...mama bear, with my baby bear Blake.  *love*
I think I have aged a few hundred years since my last selfie.  But that is has been good. Fifty-two has been a good year for me, and I know, fifty-three is going to be fabulous!   :) 
The diva, Miss Lilly and I.  Us girls have to stick together.
Grandpa Dozer...the other senior citizen of the household.

Music I am listening to today...Kina Grannis, The World in Front of Me

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