Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014

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It is a circus up in here today!  And that is a good thing.  :)  Casey eats and drinks through multiple syringes with feeding tubes on the end.  He has one for soup, one for fruit and one for whatever he happens to be drinking.  Usually that is juice or water.  I was refilling his fruit and reached for his water so I could give him fresh water.  Without thinking, I grabbed the syringe and plunged it all the way, completely unaware that it was full of water.  Guess where the tip was aiming?  Yep, Casey's face.  "Sploosh!"  He got an unexpected shower sitting right there in his chair, and we laughed so hard.  It was not on purpose I assure you, I think mama is just too delirious to think straight.

Fast forward to a few hours later.  Casey reaches for his water syringe, because he was going to grab some soda with it.  Faces it away from himself, and without thinking, plunges it all the way..."Sploosh!"  Clear across the room, and right at me as I am sitting on my bed reading.  Ice cold water to my face.  "Ack!"  A moment of silence...followed by uproarious laughter.  LOL, "what the hell Casey?"  It was so freaking funny...and cold!  I think Casey and I are both ready for a long vacation.

I will say this, I adore Casey's new smile.  It is so different, and so amazing.  When he smiles it lights up the room.  So as he sat across the room with this ridiculous grin, mixed with shock and terror, I had to laugh. Truly a funny moment following a week of stress.  It was awesome...and wet.

Casey is doing very well.  He feels as if his jaw is settled in place now, as it has stopped clicking and popping, this is a good thing.  His lower lip and chin are still numb, but he is getting some tingling, hopefully signaling that feeling will be returning soon.  The pain in his hip is pretty much all gone, and the surgical sight has healed nicely.  As I mentioned above, he can smile!  The rubber bumper between his teeth is pretty thick, much like the mouthpiece a football player wears, so speech is still a bit tricky.  And best of all, he can breathe clearly through his nose for the first time in his life!  This makes having a mouth full of rubber and metal a whole lot easier.  All in all, his recovery has been excellent...thank you God.

Tuesday is his first post op visit with the surgeon.  If all goes well, the surgeon may be able to cut the wires and remove the bumper from between his teeth.  That will be a HUGE relief for Case.  Then he will be able to breathe, talk and eat a little easier.  I am very proud of my son.  I endured having my mouth wired closed for 8 weeks when I was 18, and I remember how claustrophobic it was.  Pure torture!  But Casey has not complained once.  He is handling it very well.  Every few hours I ask him if he is hungry, and what he would like to eat?  His reply every time..."I want a steak!"

Things are looking up planet, and that makes this mama bear very happy.

Hope you had a great Saturday.  Ours was pretty amazing.

Casey Day 12 post surgery...looking great!

He still has quite a bit of swelling that needs to be resolved, but the difference in his face is dramatic.  It has been pretty traumatic for Casey.  We all think he looks amazing, but Casey hates that he does not look like himself anymore, and it has been a huge adjustment for him.  This will be the hardest period of time.   Once the wires are off, and he is feeling more normal, he can enjoy the benefits of having a normal bite for the first time in his life.  Being able to breath normally for the first time in his life.  What has yet to be revealed,  is the changes to his speech, which will be dramatic as well.  For now, it is hard, and a bit of an identity crisis.  We will continue one day at a time.

Music I am listening to today...The Wreckers, Leave the Pieces

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