Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014

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Day 10 post-op, and Casey is ready for the wires to come off.  We are all ready to fast forward about a month or so.  Eating through a tube has been very frustrating for him.  Hopefully, if everything is healing well, he can have his wires removed next Tuesday.  It still seems terribly soon to me, but the surgeon knows what he is doing.  I trust him.  I know it will be awesome for Casey to be able to open his mouth a little bit more, lick his lips, and perhaps have a few more food options.  He will still have heavy rubber bands keeping his jaw stable, but it will allow him to open his mouth a bit...which will be awesome.

Blake is ready for normalcy too.  Today I could tell that all of this stress has taken a toll on my youngest son. I think it has taken a toll on all of us.  Today has been a major decompression day.  It feels like we have all had a major "exhale," and it has left the boys and I pretty deflated.  At least the worst part is over, and it is only uphill from here.

This is going to be a great year for my boys and I.  We are just getting all the stress out of the way early.  :)

We did experience a funny moment.  Casey was trying some macaroni and cheese through the tube last night.  Well, let me tell you, you can liquefy mac-n-cheese, but once the cheese sets up, it hardens.  Casey was trying to force it through the tube and it got stuck.  With a little force, it got unstuck, but all at once the contents exploded on his face.  He laughed so hard!  We all  It was nice to see his smile again.

Hope your day was good.

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No picture of Casey today.  He feels like the swelling is not going down, so I told him we will wait a few days between pictures to that he can see the difference I am seeing.  

My Blake.  :)

A random photo taken by Blake.
This evening I was going to trying some pasta...minus the cheese...for dinner, but Casey opted for some cream corn instead.  And a coke float for desert.  Poor kid is so sick of soup!  He has been craving bacon, so I am going to make some home made split pea, carrot and potato soup with lots of bacon.  He can at least enjoy the bacon flavor.

Music I am listening to today...Ray Charles, Ray's Blues

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