Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

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Today has been a really good day.  Casey got a sound sleep in this morning, probably the longest stretch of sleep he has had in a week.  He woke up feeling refreshed too.  He even managed a half of a smile out of the left side of his mouth.  It was a gorgeous smile to this mama!

He went down to the kitchen to see what he wanted me to fix him for dinner, and he spied a package of Oreos. "Oh man, I really want some Oreos!"  To which I replied..."Then Oreos you shall have.  Dude, I've got this!"  I made him the most delicious Oreo smoothie he has ever had.  He loved it.

The swelling is much less today.  His face is still not back to normal, but it is getting there slowly but surely.  The pain is lessening too. The real pain he is experiencing is where they re-attached his upper jaw with plates, screws and stitches under his top lip.  There is a lot going on under there, and it is quite tender.  However, recovery is going well, and full speed ahead...thank you God.  :)

Blake went back to school today, and he had an awesome day.  It is starting to feel a bit more normal around here.  I think another week of peace, quiet and rest, and Casey will be back to himself in no time.

Hope your day was a good one today.

Until next time...
Still quite swollen, but feeling much better.  Slowly but surely, we are getting our Casey back.   :)
 Dramatic profile difference.
One Oreo smoothie coming right up!
Yummy, creamy Oreo smoothie.

 Blake had a good day back to school.

Music I am listening to today...This week Casey is in charge of all the music.  His selection for today...Steppenwolf, Magic Carpet Ride

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