Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013

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Happy Friday planet!

Casey and I got off to an early start this morning, as he had a 9:00AM appointment to see his surgeon.  We decided to ride our bikes, since it did not seem that far on the map.  It was a chilly morning, in the upper 30's when we left, making for a nice early morning brisk ride.  Which is an elegant way of saying..OMG it was so freaking cold!  lol :)

After the surgeon's appointment, Casey treated me to breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, then we enjoyed a scenic bike ride home.  It was an awesome morning with my son.  Thank you Casey.  :)

The plan for Casey is to see another surgeon the first of November to have his wisdom teeth extracted.  A couple of weeks to heal from that, then go into the hospital the end of November for the major jaw surgery. The surgeon said he will cut and expand the upper jaw using plates and screws, then cut and pull the lower jaw back using the same procedure.  It is going to be major surgery, but it will definitely improve Casey's quality of life.  And if anyone can get through this sort of trauma...Casey can.  I had to giggle because Casey and I were sitting in the exam room and the surgeon said, "Okay Casey, what we are going to do is remove your jaws..."  The look on Casey's face was priceless!  I looked at him and said, "No honey, he is going to move your jaws, not remove them.  You kind of need your jaws to keep your face on."

The good news is that if everything goes smoothly, Casey will not have to heal with his mouth wired closed like I did when I had similar surgery at his age.  He will have to be on a liquid diet for 6 - 8 weeks.  We will be putting everything in the blender...from cheeseburger to pizza!  :P  The surgeon is confident that Casey will do great.

This is going to be a stressful few months for Casey, but come the first of next year...everything will be amazing for him.  Thank God.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!
 Ready to ride with comrade Casey.
 The Basque area of downtown Boise.  They have a great restaurant that I want to try!
 Casey's vanilla frappuccino.  Cheers!
 A yummy breakfast.

 A shot of downtown Boise from the train depot.

 Such a gorgeous day today!
 Casey had the right idea on this bike ride...stay warm any way you can.
Beautiful Autumn colors.
 Total ride...12.23 miles.

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