Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013

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Happy windy, sunny, gorgeous Sunday!  Looks like we have some cooler temperatures, and a chance of rain rolling in.  I guess the weather can't be perfect ALL the time.  :)

Jack goes into the hospital for his angioplasty tomorrow.  He is a little nervous, and I don't blame him.  It is going to be a long day for him.  The recovery time for this procedure is only 2 - 3 days.  Jack will be anxious to get back to work, so I am going to have to try to keep him still for at least that long.  The angioplasty is going to be in both legs.

It is hard for me because we have many unresolved issues that man and I.  He has so many unresolved issues with his children too.  But we will not worry about that right now.  We will support him and love him just like any good family would...because we are a good family...and we do love him very much.  There are times in life where you must put all the negative aside, and just be supportive and loving.  This is one of those times.  Jack is a very blessed man.  He has four sons who love him, and they will always be there for him.  The boys know if they ever needed their father for anything, he would be there for them too. They do appreciate that about him. We will get him through this.  :)

I enjoyed another delightful evening with Amber and the babies tonight.  Blake had a wonderful few days with them, and they carved some very cool pumpkins and made some delicious caramel apples!  Thank you Amber and Brandon!

This is going to be a good week for all of us.  I insist.  Have a great Monday planet!  And if you can, send a positive thought and prayer Jack's way for a smooth and easy surgery.  Thank you.  :)

Blake is home!  He carved this awesome Teemo pumpkin with Brandon and Amber.  He really enjoyed his weekend with them.  
 Cooper with uncle Blake.
 My precious Sweet P .  :)

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The boys.

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