Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19, 2013

My 365...

Hello beautiful Saturday.  I was up until 8:00am...ridiculous.  I could not sleep last night, but I got caught up on my favorite shows.  The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, Breaking Bad, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Fire, Orange is the new name a few.  Before I knew it, the sun was up and shining and calling my name.  "Mama.  Mama...the sun is shining...time to ride your bike."

My problem is I worry too much.  One would think after 27 years of this motherhood gig, I would have learned by now that there is no need to worry.  I raised four strong, amazing, intelligent, wonderful sons, so I really need to stop worrying about them.  They will be fine!  I know this, but I still worry...especially when they are out of cell phone range.  Being out of cell phone range happens a lot in the mountains.  I knew once Casey and his friends were outside of Boise city limits, it would pretty much be cell-phone black out.  *wahhhhh*  So I worry.  "Stop it mama!"

It was a gorgeous day in Boise today though, so I blasted myself out of bed by noon, even though I had only had four hours of sleep, I knew the sunshine was not going to wait for me.  A biking adventure...and Blake....were calling my name.  I can always sleep later.  Hopefully....

We enjoyed a biking-hiking adventure to Camel's Back park.  I swear the colors in this city are so vibrant this time of year, they do not even seem real.  It was a gorgeous day, and Camel's Back was spectacular.

Hope your day was fabulous planet!

A video of our awesome day...*Click*   It was very windy at the top.

Total ride...12.92 miles.

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Music I am listening to today...Zero 7 , In The Waiting Line

Random Link of the Day...Pumpkin Sambhar

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