Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26, 2013

My 365...

Happy Saturday planet!

I am getting there!  And where is "there" you might be asking?  There is that quiet place mommies go to exhale and enjoy part 2 of their lives.  I won't call it empty nest because I know my nest will never truly be empty.  I know this because I have raised four amazing sons who love me, and my family is growing.  I know in my heart that while they are out and about living this thing called life, they do take a second or two out of their day and think fondly of dear old mom. That is all I need.  It feels great knowing that the love I have given to them, comes back to me ten-fold.  That completes me, and nothing else matters.

Is that normal?  Is that the way moms are supposed to feel?  Is that the way life is written in the book of motherhood?  I don't know, and even more importantly, I don't care.  You see there is one thing I know about myself with absolutely certainty...I have never consulted ANY book on how I am supposed to live my life.  How I am supposed to "mother."  I have always approached my life as a mom, relying completely upon instinct.  I have always done what felt right to me, and always acted out of love and nothing more.  There are no regrets.

Sure, everyone has a laundry list of things they felt could have gone better in life.  However, when I review my laundry list of moments, when life seemingly did not fall into place, nothing I could have said or done would have made a difference.  The people who are no longer in my life, chose not to be for whatever reason they need to justify...and I have no control over that.  So why worry?  Their life, their choice, and I feel no responsibility for their choices either way.  It is not a burden I carry, for I know I did my best, and that is a good feeling.  People who have darkness in their spirit, people who can not let go of the past, people who demand perfection out of everyone in their lives and will accept nothing less, can deal with that toxicity on their own time.  I don't have to, so why let it get me down?  I let go of that darkness a long, long, long time ago.  My heart is healed, and my life is toxic free.

I am home alone today, and it feels good.  It does not feel sad or lonely because I know in life I will never EVER truly be alone...and that makes me happy.  I can stay in bed all day and read a good book.  Not worry about anyone or anything because I know life is going along smoothly as it should be.  I love with the purest of intentions, and that is the love I receive in return.

Today would have been a perfect day for a bike ride, but since I am home alone, I decided to let it be Enbrel injection day.  I have not had my injection for a few weeks because I have not been feeling 100 percent...yeah, that is a great excuse...the damn thing hurts!  lol  But today I mustered up the courage and gave myself the shot.  Now I have an excuse to cuddle up under the blankets with Miss Lilly, and read a book, or better yet, watch season one of Sherlock.  My daughter-in-law tells me it is an awesome show, and Amber knows awesome, so that is probably what I will be doing all day.  PS...Amber, your chicken from last night made for some delicious left-overs.  Thank you honey!

Hope the sun is shining in your world today planet.  It sure is shining here.  :)

Snuggle time with the diva.

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