Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22, 213

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Another beautiful day in my Idaho.  Hope the sun is shining in your world today.

We received a call from Jack's surgeon this morning that yesterday's x-ray had a blurry or shadowy spot, so he has to go in for a CT-Scan before Friday just to be sure everything is okay.  I am glad the surgeon is being so thorough.  Jack is in good hands.

Casey came home this morning from his hunting trip.  He had a really great time, but is happy to be home and is ready to get back to working.  I am just happy to have him back.  Casey is so independent, and always on the go.  I really miss him when he is gone, but understand that he always has to be doing something.  I would love to bottle and sell his energy.  I would make millions!

I would also like to mention that a very dear friend of Garrett's is going into the hospital for brain surgery tomorrow.  This young man is very loved by this family, and we want him to know that we are praying for him.  We love you Anthony!

Have a great evening everyone.
Blake is still loving the trumpet.  He is doing great, but it is SO LOUD!  :)

It is a little too early for Christmas, but Casey got me this adorable pair of Jacks.

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