Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

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Hello peaceful, easy, delightful Monday.  That is what today has been.  I did endure another night of no sleep, but I was able to take a nap after Blake left for school this morning.  One thing I decided last night is that I have to stop watching "The Walking Dead."  I have NO idea why I got so into this series last year.  As good as the story line is, The Walking Dead is the most depressing, gruesome show on TV right now.  It really is overboard on the gore.  NO MORE Walking Dead for mama.  (Sure, I say that now...but next Sunday I will not be able to resist.)  But no worries, Downton Abbey to the rescue.  That show always cheers me up.  This season has been off to a bit of a depressing start on the Abbey, but it is getting better.  Season four does not start here in the US until January, but is already on episode 5 in the UK. Thank you friends in the UK! Oh to live in England in the early 1900's.  Would I be a countess or a lady's maid?  Countess Veronica does have a nice ring to it.  :)

Jack had a day of tests at the hospital.  They did an EKG, chest x-rays and vascular study to be sure he is ready for surgery next week.  The study did show that he has some pretty significant blockage in his leg arteries.  We are praying that the angioplasty and stents do the job, and there will be no need for further surgery.  He's got this!  I have faith.

Hope your Monday was delightful planet.  Until next time...
The view from my window this morning.  This gorgeous red tree is the first thing I see in the morning.  This photo does not even begin to capture the brilliance of the red on that tree.  
 After school snack.  The saddest excuse of a watermelon we have ever tasted.

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"Has anyone seen my boy?  Casey come home!"

Music I am listening to today...The Little Willies, ft Norah Jones , Love Me

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