Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013

My 365...

We are enjoying an uneventful day today, uneventful is a good thing.  Jack is resting, recovering from his surgery and is doing well.  The surgeon called this afternoon, and surgery part 2 is scheduled for next Thursday, November 7.  Praying that it goes as smoothly as yesterday's procedure went...with a good final result.

Casey finally made it home yesterday too, and it was so good to see him.  Casey has a very upbeat and silly sense of humor that keeps me laughing, and after a day like yesterday, I needed that.  "Thank you Casey."

Blake had a flat tire this morning, so Garrett drove him to school.  It would have been a nice walk home, but Blake hates walking home from school alone so he called me and asked me to come get him.  I did not have the keys to the Explorer, so what does mama do?  I rode my bike there, and made him sit on the back of my bike on the way home.  lol  It was hilariously fun, and a heck of a work out for me.

Hope your day was delightful planet.  After a full day of raining, the sun was shining today.  I love a beautiful sun-shinning day!
Waiting on his mama taxi...
 Not exactly what he had in mind.  LOL
I handed Blake my camera and told him to take a few shots on the way home.
My Blake.  :)

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