Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20, 2013

My 365...

What an awesome weekend this has been.  Would have been better if Casey had been with us, but Blake and I have enjoyed some serious outdoor activities.  The weather has been perfect for us.  As of today, we have almost 68 miles of bike riding under our belts for October. 21.67 miles this weekend alone.  Not too bad.  Now if only I could get another 60 in by the end of the month...that would be very cool!

Today our ride took us to west Boise.  We have not ridden in that direction for a while, so it was a delightful change of pace.  Blake wanted Chinese food for dinner, so we checked the Googles for a restaurant that is a good ride away.  Nothing like an enjoying a good meal, then having to ride your bike home.  Makes ordering desert so much easier.  "Cheesecake?  Why thank you, I think I will indulge in a slice of that...we are riding home."  lol  Actually, what ends up happening is that we end up taking it all home.  We are never very hungry "while" we are riding.  So we do lots of "take-out."  Sadly no cheesecake today.

I do enjoy my weekends with Blake.  We have fun together.  The only complaint I have about this time of year is that the sun goes down way too early.  After enjoying 9:30pm sunsets during the summer time, 6:30pm Autumn sunsets come way too soon.

Casey did call me tonight to check in...YAY!  He won't be home until late tomorrow or Tuesday, but at least he is safe.  I will rest easier tonight.  :)

Have an amazing Monday everyone.  We are expecting more awesome weather in the coming week, so hopefully that gives me incentive to do some serious bike riding.  Probably is a school week people!

 Lots of yummy veggies.

 We made it home by sunset.

Total ride today...8.75 miles.

***Doggy Daily***

Miss Lilly needs a new sweater, I think I will get her some blue and orange....Go Broncos!  Woot!

Music I am listening to today...Cat Stevens "Yusuf" , Peace Train

Random Link of the Day...Pumpkin Pound Cake

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