Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13, 2013

My 365...

It was almost 1:00pm in the afternoon, a gorgeous day outside, and where are my boys?  Zzzzzzzzz......  Casey was still sleeping because he had just gotten off work three hours earlier after an almost 12 hours he should be sleeping.  Blake just refused to let go of that last dream.

"Blake, get up son!"

"Mom, no, my dream is still talking to me."

So I did what any awesome mom would do.  I went into the kitchen, and made a yummy brunch.  Bacon, hash browns, eggs over medium, home made biscuits.  Served up the plates with some creamy delicious Early Grey tea...and everyone got breakfast/lunch in bed.  Yep, I do love my boys.

The plan for today is rest, relaxation, and a little school work thrown in for good measure.  Of course I will stick my nose outside to take a picture or two, but this Sunday will definitely be a day of rest.  And I am looking forward to every last second of it.  And The Walking Dead tonight!  Yay!  I do love me some Daryl Dixon.  :)

I think we are all looking for a little change in the coming year.  Retirement is here for me, whether I am ready or not, and that takes a bit of mental adjustment.  I am not complaining.  Jack is facing some major surgery, and changes in his activity level.  He is ready.  Garrett is ready for some major changes.  He really wants to try life on the east coast.  It is a lot to think about, but I know Garrett will succeed wherever he happens to land.  The question is, how to calm a kicking and screaming mama if he tries to leave Idaho..."No, no, you can't go!  I won't let you!!!"  LOL, just kidding of course...sort of.

Casey just needs to get through the next three months with surgery and recovery, then his life starts fresh. He is really thinking of enlisting.  There is a lot to consider, but I will support whatever he decides.  All I want for my boys is for them to be happy.  They have got the rest of their glorious lives to settle in, and now is the time to adventure, discover and see the world.  My boys are not ordinary men.  They won't settle for the 9 - 5 grind.  Their father is okay with the 9 - 5 grind, and he is comfortable and happy there.  The boys, just like their mama, appreciate that we only get one life, and you have to spend it challenging yourself, and absolutely loving what you do.  I love that about them, and I fully support them.  They simply have to remember one important rule...don't forget to call your mother EVERY SINGLE DAY, and let her know you are A-Okay. I don't ask for much.  :)

Happy Sunday planet!  Hope your coming week is amazing.  I plan on settling for nothing less than amazing for me and my family.
Blake, working on some methematics, with a little help from Miss Lilly.


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